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Good news: My new album Eyes on the Edge is basically ready to be released!
freddegredde eyes on the edge album
Bad news: For reasons too long to explain (but basically: With the current youtube network I’m on, I can’t monetize covers), I have decided to postpone everything; the album, the new music videos, the marketing plan, until April-May.
It just seems like a dumb idea to post videos I’ve worked on a lot, without getting any money from them. The contract with my current network expires in april, so after THAT, I’m good to go!

The good thing about this, perhaps, is that I have a few more months to prepare everything, make even more videos, and make sure that April-May-June will be packed with new content. :)

Thanks for your patience!

[16 Oct 2016 | 7 comments | ]

First of all, I want to thank everyone who offered to listen to my demos and rank them! It’s been very helpful when choosing what songs to make music videos for, track listing, how to improve the songs, and so on!

Out of the 50 ranked lists I’ve collected, every single song has been both in some people’s top 3’s, and other people’s bottom 3’s. I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing, but it certainly makes it harder to cut any of them from the album!
So in the end, I have decided that this album will have 17 songs! Something for everyone.

Number of times featured in people’s top 3:
16 – Who I Am (6 girls, 10 guys)
15 – Rebirth (10 girls, 5 guys)
13 – A Second Chance (8 girls, 5 guys)
12 – Unraveled Lies (4 girls, 8 guys)
10 – Utopia (9 girls, 1 guy)
10 – Have a Bite (4 girls, 6 guys)
9 – Guide Me (7 girls, 2 guys)
9 – When We Dance (3 girls, 6 guys)
8 – Two Hearts (7 girls, 1 guy)
8 – How it Was (6 girls, 2 guys)
8 – Feeling Low (4 girls, 4 guys)
6 – Chemistry (4 girls, 2 guys)
6 – Rainbow Machine (2 girls, 4 guys)
5 – Livet på Havet (2 girls, 3 guys)
5 – The Keepers of the Sky (0 girls, 5 guys)
5 – In Disguise (5 girls, 0 guys)
4 – Reversed (2 girls, 2 guys)
1 – Away We Go (1 girl, 0 guys)

I had planned to make music videos for A Second Chance, Unraveled Lies, Utopia and Have a Bite, so I’m very glad that these are all proven to be among the favorites. :) There is already an animated video being worked on for The Keepers of the Sky, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy that one much more when it’s connected to an awesome video that shows the story!

Out of the 18 songs (well originally I made 30 songs, but I filtered them down to 18 before making this survey), I’m only cutting one of the songs, and it’s the Swedish one, Livet på Havet. For those who love it, I’m sorry! But it was also at the bottom of almost half the lists, so if I had to cut ONE song, this was the one. (I want to add that even if Away We Go was only featured once in a top 3, it’s in 10 people’s top 5, which means 20% of all lists! Can’t cut that.)

If all goes well, I’ll start posting videos in late november, and continue with one video per week, leading up to the release.

Now it’s time to start working on a Disney Medley

Stay tuned! :)

[27 Sep 2016 | 3 comments | ]

It’s taken longer than planned, but now I have 18 near-finished songs, ready to be mixed! My original plan was to make “accessible and laid-back acoustic songs” for this album, but as usual, it got its own life and became something else.

I’m happy with how it turned out! :) It’s hard to describe them, but there’s still a large focus on acoustic guitars, piano and vocals. But we’ve got some pop, some rock, some prog, some disney-ish stuff, some videogame-ish stuff. I think it’s a good mix!

I need YOUR help now though! I’d like as many people as possible to listen to the songs, and rank them all from best to worst, in your opinion! Then I will put together statistics based on your lists, to figure out which songs should get music videos, AND, which 1-3 songs I should trash, because 18 is a bit much for an album…

So, send me a message and we can get started! :)

[7 May 2016 | 26 comments | ]

How about a medley with all the most memorable movie tunes, now with lyrics?

I can’t deny that the Jungle Book Medley has had disappointing views, but I guess I didn’t expect what a drop a four year long hiatus (except for one video in 2014) could do. And that it’s been four years since I posted videos semi-regularly! Crazy.

Anyway, I don’t want to give up just yet, so I went all in with this new video, worked day and night with all those background details to get it finished within a week. I want to thank Karen Graw too, for her eager help with the lyrics and collecting images for the backgrounds. Check out her graphic design work here.

I’ll keep my expectations in check this time, and simply hope that you all enjoy it. :) Feel free to share it everywhere to help it get some attention though!

(Oh, and I broke my front tooth last night when I was eating french fries. Lucky it happened AFTER filming the video. Now I should find a dentist…)

[23 Apr 2016 | 10 comments | ]

A medley of the six songs from the animated Disney classic!

Along with the release of the new Jungle Book remake, I found my way to a documentary about how they made the old classic from 1967, and I got inspired to do something with the songs from the movie! So I decided to just put them together into a simple medley and make the video within a week.

It got more ambitious than I had planned though, but I’m happy with how nice it looks at least! Even though I’ve only posted one video in the last four years, it seems like I’ve somehow still improved on the technical side.

Anyway, I hope you like it! Comment and share it with your friends, if you want me to make more movie specific medleys like these! :) You can also support me at patreon.com.