Welcome, 2012!

14 January 2012 9 comments

It’s finally the ultimate doomsday year; 2012! But I hope that the new year has been good for you all so far! I’m wearing a new hat.

So, I guess the plan for 2012 is to finish my Ultimate Video Game Medley (35 songs on the list so far!), that has been collecting dust for a few years now. The Disney Medley should also be made this year. And I’m gonna work on a new album.

I’m also open for interviews and stuff, so if you wanna ask me things for your blog or whatever, feel free to contact me! Here’s a weird one I did recently, so if you want to me to link to yours, it has to be at least as good as this one!

See ya!


  • isabell said:

    Haha, nice hat! :)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Why thank you, isabell! ^^

  • Pinja said:

    Very interesting hat, nice suits you. What is it? It looks like pillow cover?!


  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    It’s a makeup bag!

  • Scott Pilgrim said:

    Is this album going to be a full size one like Thirteen Eight, or a mini one like the video game medley album?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    A real one, like Thirteen Eight.

  • Kelly said:

    Omg! So excited to hear about the Ultimate Video Game Medley! I’ve worn out the reply button on the original, I love it so much.

    Are you looking for more previously made games with lyrics, or are you going to add your own lyrics? If you are adding your own, or even if you aren’t check out some NES Maniac Mansion songs, they’re really awesome.

    So excited! I love your voice!

  • Livia said:


    My name is Livia and I’m from Brazil.. I am really delighted to hear your music … you touch gently every musical note, it’s beautiful to be see! So young and so perfect, congratulations!
    I can play guitar, and still want to play the piano, and was blown away by your music! You can be sure that I will carry his name to various places in Brazil! I’m from São Paulo state, and I will pass on all the songs, they are just fascinating!
    Kisses from a new Brazilian fan!

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hi, Thanks Livia! :)

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