Vampire Bride (Tabs/Chords)

22 January 2010 3 comments
Main riff:
  Bm                        Bm/A

verse part1:
  Bm                        A           F#m

Do I share my secret?
reveal the darkness I hold?
Bare my damnation
for my lover to behold

verse part2:
|G|F#m|Bm A|F#m|G|F#m|

Would it frighten her away?
Would her love decay?
If I let loose
the monster within?

verse 2:
I long to taste her sweetness
to drink from her beating heart
The lust for her essence
it is tearing me apart
Every day my hunger grows
with a sickening speed
I wish you would be my

|Bm F#m  Em     A|
|Bm F#m7 Emadd9 A|

Vampire bride! Forever we'll be tied
Vampire bride! I want you to be mine
Vampire bride! Always by my side
Vampire bride! My eternal Valentine

verse 3:
My black heart's divided
paradoxical duality
On one hand my blood thirst
the other one your sensuality
I would damn you eternally
by making you my ally
But I need you my


|G|A|F#m|Bm A/C#|G|
|G|A|F#m|Bm A/C#|Em|A|

She says that she loves me
yet she doesn't know
the fiend inside of me
My kiss bears a gift of
eternal damnation
yet she is my heart's
only salvation

last chorus, key change:
|Cm Gm  Fm     Bb|
|Cm Gm7 Fmadd9 Bb|

Outro: same as intro, but a half-note higher


  • Link said:

    Could you please show the lyrics?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Updated! :)

  • Nick K. said:

    Definitely one of my favorites of yours. Hoping to learn to play it :)… I love the how the lyrics really paint an image of a contrast between trying to prevent your curse from being theirs, while the music itself really hits a nice combination of a modern feel with the nice undertones of the typical Gothic horror.

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