32 Songs in 8 Minutes

15 February 2009 34 comments

A medley of 32 popular songs played on classical guitar and vocals.

This was a scary one, because so far, I had only made video game related videos, without singing. And this had its focus completely on my vocals. I had set my expectations really low, so that I wouldn’t get disappointed if people would hate it. I mean, I was proud of my arrangements and transitions, but who knew what people would think about my singing?

It didn’t really start off that great. Commenters seemed to really like it, but it didn’t get many views at all, compared to my previous video; Wind Waker Unplugged. I kind of lost interest, but after two or three weeks, it suddenly showed up on some blogs and sites, and then it just snow balled, getting more and more views each day, for years! It was crazy.
People uploaded it everywhere, and got really popular on CollegeHumor.com. My own upload had more than 7 million views when it was removed by YouTube due to a copyright claim from a fake publisher, but it was too risky to try to counter the claim, so I didn’t do anything.

So yeah, I guess you could say that this video changed my life a bit. I had no idea what to do with my life, but now I knew that I might actually be able to make a living on music, if I work hard enough.

Song list:
Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)
Jizz in my pants (Lonely Island) – 0:19
Wannabe (Spice Girls) – 0:23
Mario Kart Love Song (Sam Hart) – 0:39
Over the Rainbow (Judy Garland) – 0:50
Girlfriend (Avril Lavigne) – 1:00
No woman no cry (Bob Marley) – 1:12
Never gonna give you up (Rick Astley) – 1:16
Harder, better, faster, stronger (Daft Punk) – 1:34
White&Nerdy (Weird Al Yankovic) – 2:03
Tribute (Tenacious D) – 2:18
Numa Numa/Dragostea din tei (O-Zone) – 2:28
Angry video game nerd (Rolfe & Justin) – 2:42
Mamma Mia (ABBA) – 3:03
Smoke on the water (Deep Purple) – 3:37
A whole new world (Disney) – 3:59
Let it Be (The Beatles) – 4:14
Eye of the tiger (Survivor) – 4:26
Leave Britney Alone (Me / Chris Crocker) – 4:45
Thunderstruck (AC/DC) – 5:02
Feel good inc. (Gorillaz) – 5:15
Metropolis (Dream Theater) – 5:30
Pokemon Theme – 5:48
Through the fire and flames (Dragonforce) – 6:00
Chocolate Rain (Tay Zonday) – 6:09
Listen to your heart (Roxette) – 6:22
Hips Don’t Lie (Shakira) – 6:31
Killer Queen (Queen) – 6:38
Time is running out (Muse) – 6:55
When you say nothing at all (Ronan Keating) – 7:14
Road Trippin’ (Red Hot Chili Peppers) – 7:24
Power Rangers Theme – 7:33


  • anon said:

    this is one of my favorite videos, and the vocals are awesome (I didn’t even know you had an accent until I saw another of your videos!)

  • Russel said:

    I can’t believe you were worried about your voice, hehe. Your singing is awesome! =)

  • Squisha said:

    You are great at singing :D And playing guitar. Some nice songs you put in there too :P

  • david said:

    you are
    fucking awesome

  • Ash said:

    You are so talented! Gorgeous Medley! Don’t ever stop playing!!!

  • yosja said:

    your are so awsome i want to see you in real live

  • Ardel said:

    Keep on singing and doing acoustics. I think your voice is too soft for rock but pitch perfect for this type of stuff. :D

  • mary said:

    i just love it!!!

  • Anna said:

    Amazing! I’ve only just heard of you! Please do an original rock song. You’ve got tons of talent!

  • Beverly Thompson said:

    Just when I think I have heard and seen most everything, you popped up! A friend sent me your video doing Killer Queen, amazing. Freddie Mercury would be impressed. You are a treat.

  • Bob said:

    “…removed by YouTube due to a copyright claim from a fake publisher…”



  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Bob: I’m guessing someone who thought that people preferred to watch my video over the original!

  • Katee said:

    I love it! Your voice is amazing!! :-)

  • Catherine said:

    I love it! You’re so good! <3

  • trayton mitchell said:

    you are awesome dude! i can’t wait to see what you do in the future!

  • Catherine said:

    Hey! In this video, you sing Killer Queen. And you’re doing another video (full song). Why you don’t do a another song, like Let It Be? =D

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Catherine: Hello! Because I’ve done a full song now, I don’t want to do another. :) It gets sort of boring and repetitive, honestly. :D (Killer Queen is an exception, because there’s so much variation in it.)

  • Maria said:

    Heeeyy, in Youtube u used to have a list of the songs u used… could u post them here again? or where can i find that? cuz i m pretty curious about them haha ;)
    Sooo keep on doing ur stuff and yea, have fun,
    like ur musiiic :) Maria

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Maria: Added. :)

  • Bella said:

    This video sow many people in my country and everyone said: It`s amazing!!! You are super star in social networks!!! Very best talent!!! Thank you baby ;)

  • Alexey Koshevoy said:

    Maaan, u soo cool! Your music is best! Better than original! Can’t say more, cos so bad eng (cos i from Russia), but i hope u know, what i mean :D U best! Do more music pls:)

  • Evgeny Sh said:

    It is amazing .. You have a talent

  • Starfish said:

    Anyone ever tell you that you sound like John Wozniak of Marcy Playground?

  • graybirdynamnam said:

    i just love your how you smile while singing

  • Justin said:

    I started playing this at my school and they said to turn it off because they were trying to listen to rap -.- Really made me mad that people don’t know what good music is.

  • Yan said:

    Wait a second, in the music description it says he is chris crocker, the guy that did that britney video wtf

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Yan: No, I’m saying that although he came up with the words, I came up with a melody for it.

  • Nimbaka said:

    Hiiiii :D
    Nice job, keep up the good work ;)
    Can you make a tab about Through Fire and Flames? :D

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Nimbaka: Thanks! Through Fire and Flames is already in the tabs for this medley, if you check out my tabs section!

  • sam said:

    Love the medley, but I’m pretty sure that there is a song in between killer queen and time is running out and I’d really like to know what it is.

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    sam: Oh, that falsetto thing is also “Time is Running Out”!


  • Lucy said:

    Hi Fredde, I´m listening to you from Argentina. You are incredible talented, everytime I see your videos I feel inspired to continue playing guitar. Your voice calms me. The fact that you included Road Trippin is awesome, I love that song. Would you please tell me where can I find the tabs of this video? Thank you and congrats for your CD!

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hey Lucy, thank you! :) You can find the tabs in the tabs section on the website! Here’s a direct link: http://freddegredde.com/05/tabs-32-songs-in-8-minutes/

  • marina said:

    i love you!

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