4 AM

16 February 2013 No comments

Must be made from the same
skin and cells treat me well
Is it me? Is it you?
Is it everyone else?
Can’t deny what’s inside
as I hide in this shell
Cannot see for the trees
can’t connect, can’t be helped
So don’t try
I’ll be fine

Conversations and quips
are just sounds passed through lips
Nothing gained, nothing missed
nothing matters, but

It gets lonely when you’re only human
And I wonder if you even know
How I think of you each day and night, dear
Cannot sleep without the TV on

And although I know you’re not mine
I can still need you
And I hope that you soon find a man
feels the way I do

Every day seems to start
with my heart, not my head
Never knew I’d be blue
now I take it as read
Can’t deny what’s inside
though I try to forget
Peace of mind seems to find
other people instead
Every time
I’ll be fine

So a text or a call
isn’t love after all?
What comes next
after falling for fantasy?

It gets lonely when you’re only human
And I wonder if you even know
How I wish that I was someone else, dear
Cannot sleep until I know you’re home. Alone.


Though I cannot deny
when the thought comes to mind
of you happily lying by his side
It’s hard not to be blue
to get my head around too
to understand that I’ll never be with you
A mess shared isn’t halved
I’d sooner obsess than starve
They don’t measure success in laughter after all…


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