Lonely Starlight

16 February 2013 No comments

A thunderhead of doom enshrouds
The faraway land they left behind
On ships, prepared and set
To roam, unknowing what they’ll find

Through currents of mystery
Hegira to relieve their plight
Every span they travel
Holding hands with lonely starlight

The youthful and seasoned émigrés
In vessels constructed with great skill
Geometric rigor to secure
A promise and purpose which they all would fulfill

In three fleets of seven, while
Tethered to each other tight
Any turn they travel
Guided on by lonely starlight

Home was laid to waste
Dissension and decay
Looking to survive
They chose to sail away

Scoping panoramic visual field
Hoping beneficial clues will be revealed
Seeking destination suitably fit
To accommodate them, and, as luck would have it,

A pathway to navigate
Coordinates: thirteen-eight

Doubtful and unsure
What more can they endure?
Will the choice they make
Prove to be a big mistake?

Time is now at hand
With tension at a peak
Does this course provide
The harbor that they seek?

Then, obstacles cleared reveal
A welcome and heavenly sight
Full of hope they travel
Led to it by lonely starlight

A sphere bathed in blue and green
With water and air so clean
Extending a hand in glee
They reach for their destiny

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