The Star Song

16 February 2013 No comments

There once was a girl who found a spaceship
Rusted and busted, lost on a space trip
inside there was a star, who said, “I’m sad.
I can’t find my mom, she’s all I had!”

Little star, together, you and I
Little star, we’ll search across the sky
Little star, there’s no need to grieve
Little star, I will never leave

They worked with the ship ’til it was ready
Packed up, then launched it, stable and steady
Everywhere were wonders to behold
Games to pass the time, and stories told

Little star, radiant and sweet
Little star, each moment’s a treat
Soaring far, a comet we will ride
Little star, glowing by my side

One night in a dream, the girl saw her mother
She said they’d always love one another
“No matter where you go, together we’ll be
Mother’s here with you, eternally”

Little star said: tell me why you’re sad
Little star: What’s the dream you had?
We’re traveling far; We can make believe
Little star said: I will never leave

The girl and her star, happy as can be
Soon find more star friends and form a family
No longer are they searching, forced to roam
On their little spaceship they’ve made a home

Little star, I wish all this were true
Little star, how i think of you
Little star, are you all alone?
Little star…

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