The Valentine’s Medley

12 February 2012 35 comments

A medley consisting of 21 romantic songs, created with Valentine’s Day in mind!

I had not planned to do this one at first, but it’s simple enough to make in-between projects (no clones and stuff), and I figured that people might want some ideas on what to play for their valentines on February 14. ;)

Also, I’ve made tabs this time, so click here to find lyrics, song order and how to play it on guitar or any other instrument!


  • Enock Boheme said:

    Hey, that was pretty good!

    And the final was great haha

  • justin said:

    You are crazy talented and have a very unique voice that stand out in today’s society. I enjoy listening to your music and your awesome medleys!

  • Scott Pilgrim said:

    Cheesy ending, but the whole medley is simple and good. I hardly know any of the songs, but I’s glad that you included 500 Miles.

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Thanks everyone! :)

    Scott: The ending has actually been most people’s favorite, from what I’ve heard. :D I wasn’t sure if I should have included it or not, but people found it funny, so I kept it.

  • Rathalos888 said:

    Well that was a surprise.

    Freakin awesome, Fredde. And I lolol’d at the ending.

  • Thiago Medeiros Worth said:

    This was amazing!!! Congratulations!!!
    The ending was genial heheh =DD

  • Livia said:

    Hey Fredde!!

    Its very very very perfect… Your song, your voice… Is lovely!!

    Sucess for you!! I’m one fan!!


  • Jaren said:

    Fredde, this was just too precious!! I love it!! **You make excellent cheese, haaha!!

  • BlueNayru said:

    Listening to it right now and I just adore your Aerosmith cover >w<

    Nice touch with the rose at the end btw :)

  • No0 said:

    This was perfect for V day!

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hey, thanks! :)

  • nando said:

    BRAVO!!!…..come sempre sei magnifico!

  • martingredde said:

    Awesome Fredde is awesome

  • Tantra said:

    Awesome, with an awesome ending. So.. I guess you are awesome ;)

  • Dan K said:

    Great job, Fredde! You have such a talent for putting great medleys together, they always transition so well. Great playing and singing as always! The ending was a surprise; I was expecting that you were reaching for a remote to stop recording and up comes a rose lol!

    I hope you understand that you have to keep your red sofa forever now, right? It’s very strongly associated with your music vids and is even on your cd cover :)

    Take care, great work as always! -Dan K, Memphis, TN

  • Maria said:

    You’re really amazing, I’m stunned.
    A guy who seems to have anything; looks, charm and talent. There isn’t anything greater than a man who can sing.;)

  • Hannah said:

    haha I love the medley and your energy, especially your version of “i don’t wanna miss a thing”. And your ending, so charming haha, I just love it. Keep up the good work Fredde :D

    And I also think you should update a little bit oftener :$

  • utka said:

    Lovely medley, Fredde! I like your complicated works like Killer Queen, but there is especial charm when you just play the guitar alone (in a single copy:-)). The choice of songs is very good, some of them remind me of romantic moments. And i regret that I couldn’t listen to it before Valentine’s day!
    Two questions to you
    1.Have you done it with thoughts of someone special?
    2.Did you know all the songs youself or just use sort of the list of The most romantic songs?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Thanks! :)

    1. No, I didn’t think of someone special, although I tried to think that I was singing for SOMEONE. If you understand what I mean. :P
    2. I first chose songs that came to mind, like “okay, I want to do this one and this one and this one”. Then I asked in the chatroom which romantic songs they like the most! But I had heard all of them before.

  • utka said:

    Thank you for quick answering, I appreciate this:-). I’m looking forward to hear something new from you!

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    You’re welcome, utka! :) I’m always open to answer questions if anyone has any!

  • alex said:

    great job!!! I like!!!
    have you make tab with song lyrics…
    i want to try… but for pleasure and for my wife… thanks in advance
    and continue your job

  • alex said:

    sorry I found it in the page!!!
    the work is very complete… nothing to say

  • Diego said:

    It’s nice to see something really simple again ^^. It kinda reminds me to your first videos, I specially like it better ’cause I can actually play this ^^ Thnks!

  • Catherine said:


    And I love the ending xD

  • Marina said:

    I love this video, you have a bautiful voice and I love your work! You are amazing!! Much love from Brazil!

  • Nyan said:

    It was nice to hear the soundtrack of my favorite web series The Guild. Thank you:)

  • Алекс said:

    Молодец парень) еще бы названия песен написал было бы совсем хорошо)

  • Joey said:

    You blow me away with your talent and whimsy. I have listened to you all night tonight and glad I found your music at this moment in my life in particular. I look forward to all of your future endeavors, Fredde. Id love to hear a take of yours on a group of grunge era songs or even songs from the movies in general- or movies you love in particular. All in all, just wanted to express how wonderful I think you are, sir. Keep up the amazing work. I also think you are a talented drawer as well.

  • Kisa said:

    Oh my goodness!

    I think I just fell in love with you . . .

  • Daniel said:

    Like ever, very very good! ;)

    It would be very cool if you play a 90´s Medley ^^

  • Tim Petrone said:

    You’re amazing! Personally, I thought the ending was cute. Cheesy…but cute. Perfect ending to a Valentine’s video.

  • Denys Medeiros said:

    Aerosmith, you were perfect!!!!!! man. congratulations!

  • Axelle said:

    Hey :)
    I know that this medley is so old now, but I’ve just discover it ^^’
    I specially love your Hey There Delilah interpretation, it is so lovely !
    just a bit sad, you did’nt sung Somewhere only we Know :(
    Congratulation :)
    Your best french fan :)

  • freddefangirl said:

    This is beautiful! Brings me to tears every time. i love the set up with candles, the rose and sitting on the floor next to the couch instead of on it. Really cute video!

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