Valentine’s Day Song/animation

14 February 2014 7 comments

A little animation and song made for a Valentine’s Day thing in the FreddeGredde chatroom.

We had a little thing in the chatroom, where we all got a randomly chosen valentine to do something nice for today! I got MariLu and made this video. :) I have barely finished any animations in my whole life, but I had a blast working with this. So fun to animate, seriously! (And it only took two days. Plus an entire night not sleeping. It could be smoother and more detailed, but yeah. It wasn’t a serious thing.)

Now I’m thinking of starting some bigger animation project, as soon as my album is finished and released. (Currently waiting for the drummer to record his parts.)


  • Thiago Medeiros said:

    Very niiiice!!! =D

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Thanks Thiago! :D

  • Blaise Evora said:

    Nice video Fredde! Great to see you back :D

  • Nicholas Fe said:

    Very impressive for two days, you should definitely do more animations.

  • Lokuma said:

    Such a sweet idea! I really adore this!

  • Cris said:

    Great to see you again, I love a lot your music, you have a fan from México :D

  • scooter said:


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