Is It All Right

28 March 2012 26 comments

An piano ballad with lots of vocal harmonies, made exclusively for Andi Buchanan’s “Gift”.

This is a song that I actually didn’t compose myself. Andi came up with it on her piano a long time ago, and I used it to make my own thing of it, adding harmonies and stuff.
I’m posting the video here because Gift is released now (with pretty good reviews, might I add!), and the music can be purchased along with the rest of the book’s soundtrack on Amazon and soon on iTunes as well.

The e-book itself is also available on iTunes, and although it works best on an iPad or iPhone, you can also use a free program called Calibre to read it on your computer.


  • pinja said:

    Is It All Right??
    It is GREAT :-)
    Very nice song…I like it :-D

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Thanks pinja! :)

  • BigLord said:

    Thanks for the information on Calibre! I want to read it ASAP :D

  • Clara said:

    Saw it when you posted on twitter yesterday. Very nice song, indeed. I was singing it pretty much all day long. Ahaha

    Good thing we can also read the book on Calibre. I was kinda sad with the thinking that I’d end up not reading it. Gonna buy this book now :D

  • Ollieboy said:

    Yeah it’s alright, I guess.

  • Nayn Cat said:

    It is GREAT!♥
    you are beautiful :)

  • Manu said:

    Hej! I just understood how tight your vocal performance is in this one. Nicely done harmonies and all :)

  • MargaretCat said:

    What beautiful lush swings and sways.
    A pleasure to listen to, Fredde!
    Thank you for another uplifting heart song.

  • Lucy said:

    i like it very very much! it´s wonderful!!!!! nice

  • Ali5a said:

    So beautiful.. I’m sad that I found your music now, and not earlier.

    You are great. Please, come to Finland. :) Snälla, kom till Finland! :)

  • George said:

    Very good Freede. Waiting for your next album.

  • Shelley Maguire said:

    Omg i love your voice!!!! It is amazing.
    I first head this song from my friend and I got hooked on your voice.
    I love your song “Is It All Right”. You voice is magnificence in this song.

  • Denise Sherman said:

    Wow! You have phenomenal talent! I just discovered you on YouTube, and I can’t get enough!!! What software/hardware do you use to make these videos with all the multiple voices? Incredible!!!! Thank you, Denise

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Denise: Thanks! :) Check out the FAQ. ^^

  • Emma said:

    Wow. This is so amazing. I love your voice so much. Do you have any advice for a teenage songwriter?

  • Daniel said:

    Hi fredde, I really like this song. I can honestly say that you are my favorite artist, I really love your music. But, I just have one question: Where can I get the lyrics of your songs? Cause I cant find the lyrics of this oneD:

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hey Daniel, thanks! :) I will make a page with lyrics some day… But for now, I think the only place you can find the lyrics for this song is along with the sheet music, which you can find here:

  • Anja said:

    LIKE =)

    very emotional and expressive…the women can melt by your words :)
    you are very individual and have your own style-great!!

    I would come to your concert ;) but please in germany^^

  • Ilina said:

    My personal favourite (: Just started learning to play the guitar and piano…So thank you for the inspiration.Keep it up(:

  • Jakkie said:

    it’s been a long time but this song makes my heart happy every time I hear it.

  • Svetlana said:

    Is it alright?

    I am fall in love with you :DDDD

  • Amanda said:

    This is a beautiful song! You’re so talented. I’m both jealous and in awe of you. :)

  • Felipe José said:

    Brasil, Fortaleza-CE

    cara q musica é essa o mg
    você é fera, faz uma versão no violão :)
    pra eu poder tocar ela.
    meu parabéns !!!

    Brazil, Fortaleza-CE

    music is this guy, my God
    you are beast, makes a version on the guitar :)
    so I can play it.

  • Theresa2121 said:

    Is it alright too tell you that I love this song? :)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hehe, it is! Thanks. ^^

  • Joseph Halverson said:

    I gotta be honest, this song just brightens up my day. I think I might sing it to the girl of my dreams. Yeah. Keep up the wonderful work. I look forward to your next albums! :)

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