The Simpsons Medley

16 March 2011 15 comments

A medley of original songs from the first seasons of The Simpsons.

So I was watching those old seasons of The Simpsons, and there are some great songs in them! So I made a medley of some of them. Nothing all too fancy, just a simple video because the songs are fun to play.

Chords can be found here.


  • Lewis Fran said:

    Love this medley! Great! Im going to learn it

  • Cassie said:

    You really do have a great voice. I’m definitely sure I am going to buy your album.

  • Joe said:

    This is so good. Great job replicating the voices on “Monorail!”

  • Alexis said:

    Love it))) you’re fountaining with ideas!))

  • Miri (: said:

    i relly love this medley – like most of your videos.:) i was just a little bit sad because my favorite simpsons-song of “bart after dark” is missing :P but anyway, watching it makes my day ;)

  • Nathan said:

    Simpsons is my absolute favorite show, you’ve captured the satire perfectly and the voices were hilarious.

  • Hugh said:

    Love all your stuff! I work drawing on The Simpsons, I’ll have to direct some coworkers to this site tomorrow. I wish you could post a new video everyday!! Instead, I’m forced to watch and rewatch your work on a daily basis, it really makes me smile! Finish your album already!!!

  • Amy said:

    You should try out for American Idol. I’ll vote for you.

  • Sebastian said:

    You’re amazing men.
    I really like your voice.

    Can you create videos explaining how to sing?.

    greetings from Argentina

    PD: I’m going to buy your album

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Thanks! :)

    Sebastian: Sorry, I really can’t explain how to sing. Look up already existing tutorials/guides on the internet. :)

  • Lanny said:

    Hey Freddy..

    Still enjoying your site.. just wondered how and where you got the website made.. as i need to make my own and i really like this layout.
    any tips or recommondations would be much appreciated.


  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Lanny: It’s based on WordPress, so just google that and you’ll find plenty of tutorials and codes and stuff. :) It’s pretty easy to do stuff with it once you get the hang of it!

  • МаркТвен said:

    Охрененно! Очень талантливо! Так держать!

  • Jordii said:

    hey man i’d love to do a song with you one day :D it’s a pretty big dream since i saw the first medley you put up

  • German said:

    realmente eres genial :D¡¡

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