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26 March 2012 6 comments

So here’s an article/review of the digital book “Gift”, which is featuring several songs and videos by me. This article is even including two of the songs, so go and have a listen! (They’ve also written some pretty nice things about me, hehe.)

And hey, I’m finally on Spotify! Only took them a little more than half a year to upload the two singles I sent to them early last summer, Solace Distant and Killer Queen. So it would be nice if everyone listened to them as much as possible there, and we’ll see if it’s actually possible to make any money on Spotify!

Last link I have to offer is the one to my Twitter. There were some problems with the “freddegredde” account, so it’s “freddegreddet” for now (the same name as my “secret youtube channel“.)
Now, I really don’t have any experience with twitter, so I’ve no idea what to write there! Any suggestions are therefore welcome. :)


  • hesselbom said:

    Added ‘Killer Queen’ to our office’s Friday playlist! :)

  • Mik said:

    This digital book can only be read by e-Readers, like iPads? Will be a version to be read on a regular computer, like mine? :P I don’t have any e-Reader yet, I was intending to buy a Kindle, but apparently it wouldn’t work on one either.

    Talking about things I don’t have, we don’t have Spotify in Brasil yet. I tried to create an account using an UK proxy, but it didn’t work. Being a hacker (or something like that) is not my thing.

    About Twitter, don’t you have some thoughts during the day that you would like to share with the world? Comment what you think about movies or tv shows you are watching, or songs you are listening to. Or about normal things you are doing in a regular day. I don’t know, Twitter is a very useless social network, but some people can make it interesting.

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    hesselbom: That’s great, thanks! :)

    Mik: Honestly I don’t know. =/ Hehe, I’ve asked for that myself, because I’ve only read the traditional book version of it, but I’d like to see the effects in action! So I’ll tell you when I know.

    I don’t really want to share anything to the world. :P I mean, if anyone wants to know anything, they could just ask me in the chat room, it’s much nicer! But twitter is for people who don’t want to get in touch, I guess. They just want to read things. I will try to update it a couple of times per day now, and see if there’s any point doing it.

    Thanks for your input! :)

  • Audrey said:

    I have to agree with Mik. Twitter is pretty pointless but it’s a place where your followers can get to know better. You can reveal a little about yourself. Give some of your own points of view and thoughts. Also maybe upload some pics of the city or studio.

  • Mik said:

    Another good way to make Twitter interesting is following interesting accounts too. When you see other people tweeting good stuff, you have good material to comment, to share, to reply, etc. I like people on Twitter who share nice things, such as links to funny websites, to videos, to some news, to good pics… Also it’s a good platform to make brief updates about something going on. James Cameron tweeted this week when he was on the deepest point of the ocean, that’s a cool thing to tweet.

    But I see that except the interesting ones, there are two kinds of people on Twitter. The first one just wants to read, like you said. The second one thinks that EVERYTHING they say is important. Something like:

    06:03 – oops i have to go to the bathroom
    06:04 – in the bathroom right now
    06:06 – oh my god guuuys, you should see that
    06:07 – ok, i took a pic, look: pic_of_my_toilet.jpg

    It’s really embarrassing. That’s why I don’t have a Twitter account, I just have my favorite profiles in the ‘Favorites’ of my browser and I go there once a while. And 140 characters are not enough for me, hehe…

    I just saw you tweeted some minutes ago, about your floorball game. Nice, I hope someone comments back something nice over there, so you can say ‘oh, maybe Twitter can be cool’.

    But if no one does that, congratulations on the game. I watched the video you posted some weeks ago on your ‘secret Youtube account’, you seem to be an excellent player ;)

  • Jakobsson said:

    I allways hoped to see your songs on spotify some day. And now that two are out it’s great. Sure it would have been cool to have the whole album but if one really want the album they should buy it.
    Keep up the amazing job.

    Regards from Uddevalla

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