Comparing piano sounds

28 April 2012 14 comments

Me and a couple of guys in the chat room came up with a pretty interesting idea for a new video! It could end up disappointingly though, so won’t say what it is yet. At least it’s something I haven’t done before, and that’s important to me. (I get lots of requests these days, about doing a “Video Game Rock Medley 2” or full versions of the songs I’ve already played in medleys, but that’s just not interesting to me, sorry!)

Anyway, when I was gonna start recording/playing today, I got stuck with trying to choose what piano sound to use! So instead, I made a little video, asking you what you prefer!

And here it is:

(I can’t say I will use the one that gets the most votes, but it’s still interesting to see what people prefer!)


  • MargaretCat said:

    Hi Fredde,

    I listened 3X with my eyes closed.
    The True Piano sounds the best, it has the most colors and is sweetly balanced.
    Thank you for sharing your process with us!

  • sara_ said:

    Jag tycker mest om Garritan Orchestra :3

  • L said:

    I like Garritan Orchestra.
    I think it would be better to do it as another poll, don’t you think?

  • Pinja said:

    True Piano :-D

  • Heather said:

    I enjoyed Grand 2 best. Good Luck picking one. :)

  • AnetteSL said:

    Dude, go for True Piano \o/

  • Clara said:

    Well…I’d say that depends of what are you going to do, but I really like True Pianos. :)

  • Leka said:

    I like True Piano. But if it was a real piano, it would be even better as it seems to me.

  • Silvia said:

    I play piano a lot, so when I listened, I thought that garritan orchestra sounded the most realistic. It was the brightest, which I like. The others sounded too muted and didn’t sound right to me.

  • g. said:

    True pianos !

  • ClockworkBastard said:

    True Piano… The name seems not occasional. It’s true.
    But I’m sure – different melodies require different pianos.
    Good luck

  • ShyWildBoy said:

    You don’t ask an easy question. My three observations.

    Garritan Orchestra – Plain and the the volume in the treble and bass seem too different.

    Grand II – I love the bass, treble and basses carry equal richness and tones.

    True Piano – Sounds kind of tin like, both treble and bass.

    I prefer Grand II because the treble and basses sound like they “fit” with each other. The difference between treble and basses in the Garritan and True Piano almost sound like they are played on different instruments. Depending on what you are after in your music, those differences may be just what you seek.

  • Stefan said:

    I like the Grand 2

  • Andrey said:

    Unequivocally third option. The piano sounds better. Russian guy Andrey.

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