Delayed video and new haircut

6 April 2012 15 comments

The problem with deciding deadlines is that there are always other things coming up that you hadn’t planned. Like easter! How was I supposed to know that a thing like that would come up right now?!

So yeah, hopefully the Video Game Rock Medley will be up next week anyway, when all the family stuff is over. At least I’ve cut my hair, although I guess there will always be discussions about whether it should be longer or shorter..

Before…                                                                      and after.

Anyway, happy easter everyone!


  • Har ikke noe navn said:

    Wow, der gikk du rett fra å se ut som en tenåring til å se ut som en voksen og veldig fin mann!

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Haha, tacktack!

  • secret said:

    OMG! You are sexy in both variants! Especially I like the first photo (blushing)

  • BlueNayru said:

    Seriously your hair grows really fast (and looks good long or short) :)

  • Kit said:

    I don’t know, I kind of prefer the longer hair!
    (Maybe it’s just because you’re shirtless in that picture, though. Hmmm.)

  • Retard~ said:

    Hey.. I’m just wondering… Are you swedish?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Yes, I’m Swedish. :P

  • Clara said:

    Måste bara säga att dina sånger gör mig aldeles varm om hjärtat och man smälter som en glass i solen när man hör medleyt på gamla barn filmer och serier :) Go boy! u fucking rock :D

  • ShyWildBoy said:

    You may as well as me if I like Garritan Orchestra, Grand II, or the True Piano. Again, you don’t ask easy questions, so I launch a volley of answers in strong retaliation.

    The “after” I like because I can see more of your face. I know it’s closer to now. I know you literally feel cooler and you look cute, charming, more approachable, more innocent. You wear a shirt and maintain your mystique.

    The “before” I like because you don’t lQQk so innocent and since you’re not wearing a shirt, the evening is promising. I would not have started at the shirt. I digress. Your shoulders lQQk broader and with the exception of the background, it’s all you.

    With the exception of your mouth, missing from both photos are the most important body parts. Your instruments. Your two hands, eight fingers and two thumbs. Your nails are beautifully trimmed and clean. Yes. I watch closely. Your skin seems as though it feels soft, very soft. Your skin reminds me of a friend. His skin is as soft as a girls, yet he is as masculine as they come working in 100+ degree weather doing construction. It makes me wonder if you have a “Happy Trail.” like us. Naughty me. But your photos remind me of the guy in my mirror.

    You lQQk naughtier in the “before” not because you are topless, but because of your lips. Compare your lips to the “after” and you’ll note more of a grin in the “after” and more of the “seductive” in the “before”.

    You are more approachable in the “after”. You are more “alpha male” in the “before”. I would like to know both and I am not making excuses, but they are equally, well, hot.

    If you MADE me select, I would select the “before”. If you ASKED me to select, I would say the “after”.

    I prefer the “alpha male” look, but photos are just a single flat dimension. I’ll never have the pleasure of knowing you or the luck to work with or for you.

    You should continue to make decisions based on what makes you comfortable and happy. You’ve done very well so far and it serves you well, not that what I have to say matters.

    The most personal question on my mind is the color of your eyes. They are so beautifully devilish. Will you tell all?

    Your photos are so teasing. Cut it out! If you continue such nonsense, I will be forced to massage your feet, hands and fingers, peel and feed you grapes and fan you with feathers until you are in pure bliss. The only thing I can play is the computer keyboard and my DVR. God gave my few talents all to you.

    I am not studying and I need to or I’m not going to do well in my Logic class. If I fail, it’s all your fault. I’ll have to give my professor your web site and confess my addiction. Maybe he’ll understand after he’s heard you perform.

    Thanks for asking us all, but we love you in both. Meanwhile, I’ll select “neither” and ask for a current/daily photo after your morning shower with out without a shirt. No less. I’ll still enjoy you making me dream to your music in the day and living in my dreams each night.

    My love to all.

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Wow, ShyWildBoy. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna allow that comment or not, because it might be too much for some. :D But meh, I don’t like censuring.

    Hmm.. I’m not sure what to say though! But if we’re just gonna discuss the haircuts, I think it’s probably the other way around? Longer hair makes me look more childish and innocent, while the shorter makes me look a bit more uh, adult. :P You seemed to focus on everything else though!
    But, thanks I guess!

    About the nails, I honestly never touch them, except for cutting them once a month. So I’m lucky there I suppose, to automatically have such nice ones. :D

  • Janey said:

    Definitely shorter,
    You look a lot more grown up and smarter with it. The long hair looks like it’s getting a little out of control :)

    Either way is gorgeous but I prefer the latter

  • Kitten said:

    I like it longer, but then again I would. Long hair is my thing :)

  • Pol said:

    After!! :)

  • Alan said:

    I know I’m late to respond to this post, but I really like your shorter hair. Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds you attractive and is bothered by you teasing us with being shirtless in the other picture :P

  • Ginny said:

    Why are you half naked

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