The Jungle Book Medley

23 April 2016 10 comments

A medley of the six songs from the animated Disney classic!

Along with the release of the new Jungle Book remake, I found my way to a documentary about how they made the old classic from 1967, and I got inspired to do something with the songs from the movie! So I decided to just put them together into a simple medley and make the video within a week.

It got more ambitious than I had planned though, but I’m happy with how nice it looks at least! Even though I’ve only posted one video in the last four years, it seems like I’ve somehow still improved on the technical side.

Anyway, I hope you like it! Comment and share it with your friends, if you want me to make more movie specific medleys like these! :) You can also support me at


  • Isak said:

    JÃĪtteroligt att se di.. ops maybe should keep this in english. :)

    So happy to see you with some new material Fredrik, it’s been a long time coming but it’s been worth the wait no doubt. I want to sincerely tell you what an amazing person you are and that you should be proud of your achievements. It pains me to see your videos getting less and less views. I was there right at the start when 32 songs in 8 minutes was picked up by the greater mass, and shocked I was when you burst out in swedish at the pokemon theme. It’s so odd, but I have to thank you for so much. Introducing me to Muse, Dream Theater, Gorillaz. Haha oh well.

    Rocking Lonely Starlight while writing this (always get stunned by how amazing that song is) and suddenly don’t understand why I don’t have your albums yet. I need them haha! So, is the best place to purchase them here in your CD shop? If they are shipped from USA i understand why it costs more for the rest of the world, but what would you suggest for a Swedish lad that wants the most of the money to go to you. Other than that, thank you for this time and I wish you would get mainstream again so continuing your work doesn’t feel as appalling.

    I’d like to end this wall of text with telling you my fav videos: Lonely Starlight, Solace Distant, Video Game Rock M, A Classical Fairytale, Mega Man 9, Wind Waker, Beside Me, Wayfarer, Is it all right, Killer Queen. Man that became a lot more than I first anticipated, Wind Waker is what got me hooked.

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hi Isak!

    Well thanks, I really appreciate your words. :) Perhaps I have myself to blame for the decline, for not posting things more regularly, and to keep posting things that people actually want. I just couldn’t force myself to make the same things again and again, which is probably what people wanted. And then I lost interest in music entirely, so yeah. That’s just life.

    As for my CDs, I need to do a makeover for my CD shop, because right now, the signed Brighter Skies are sent by my mom in Sweden, the normal ones sent to the Americas are sent from New York, the rest are sent from the Netherlands. :D Thirteen Eight is only sent from a label in Wales! Ordering from my website is still the best option though, because all the sales go through me then.

    But to be honest, it might be best to wait until this winter, with the release of my new album. Then I will make sure I have a bunch of all three CDs at home, so that I can make some “purchase several and get a big discount” offers.

    Anyway, I’m glad to see your list of favorites, as there are lots of originals on there. I will make sure to make music videos for several of the songs from the new album, and hopefully you’ll like those as well. :)

    Thanks again!

  • Niko. said:

    Hi FG How are you doing. Very pleased with the release of your new video (the talented person is talented in everything or everywhere – I don’t remember how). Once again convinced that the vocals and stage presence are your strongest point. Well done, continue to work on a new album. When it performance? One can see that the trip went well for you( in the creative sense) I’m waiting your new songs and let them be better than before -in a good way.” Keep walking in front!
    P. S. A photo with a sloth funny! I hope it’s from the zoo? (I just heard that they smell bad because of a sedentary lifestyle, although it may not be true) Write what do you have more song ideas. Good luck!

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hello, Russian friend! :D Hmmm, your english is a little tricky to understand, but I think I got it.. But why do you hope it’s from the zoo?! Zoos are rarely nice for the animals to live in… I actually went on a little tour in the Amazon rainforest, and at one point, some people wanted me to take pictures with it. I can only hope they were treating the sloths well.. Maybe they use them as pets?

    Anyway, thanks! :D

  • Niko. said:

    I’m sorry I’m really bad at English. I will try to write legibly!!!

  • Alexandra said:

    Now I understand how interesting it is to read comments from other people.
    Freddie, you are quite popular in Russia ;)
    Maybe one day you’ll finally visit our country, even though in the central part of Russia you are unlikely to find any beaches with warm water and such a charming ambience and as it is in the Philippines :D

  • Sam said:


    I love your video! I am a music teacher and my pupils are keen to sing Jungle Book songs and love your medley. Is there any possibility that you would be willing to share the chord pattern for your medley so that we could have a go?



  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hi Sam!

    Thank you! I meant to post the chords in the chords section, but apparently I forgot. I’ve added them now, and here’s the link:

    Good luck! :)

  • Sam said:

    Thank you so much!

  • Ryan Whalen said:

    This medley is fuckin awesome!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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