The Video Game Rock Medley

17 April 2012 51 comments

34 tracks from some of the most famous video games in one fluid rock medley!

It took two weeks longer to make than planned, but I personally think it’s worth it! I’m really happy both with the video and the audio, and I hope that others will also like it. It doesn’t have vocals and very little acoustic guitar though, so I know that some will be disappointed, but, can’t please everyone!

The drummer is once again Louis Abramson, who played in the original versions of Vampire Bride and Beside Me, and it worked out great! His band is gonna be touring in Europe this summer, so he did it in exchange for some promotion. So, check out their website!

The MP3 can be downloaded here!


  • Evelina said:

    Awwwiiiieee! Bubble Bobble!! <3 Well done! (As usual!)

  • rathalos888 said:

    YUUUUUUS I’ve been eagerly awaiting this haha. Amazing work there Fredde (and Louis), when I heard Ducktales, Castlevania, Metal Gear, Kingdom Hearts, and Donkey Kong, I flipped lolololol.

    Great work!

  • BigLord said:


    You heard that?

    That was my mind, being blown away.

    :applause: :standing_ovation:

  • Pinja said:

    Hey, I`m not a fan of video games but this video is great, very energetic.

  • kjhovey said:

    And I thought the Megaman 9 Medley was amazing… you’ve out done yourself man! Nostalgic as hell too.

    I’m not even a big Kirby fan… but that part is insanely epic.

  • kjhovey said:

    Also, the piano on Donkey Kong made me so happy, lol.

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Thanks everyone, glad you like it! :D

  • Enock Boheme said:

    OH GOSH! Awesome, awesome!!

    Many good games and songs, Kingdom Hearts, Ocarina of Time, Chrono Trigger, FF and others!

    And Monkey Island! I love this game (although it’s not so popular) and I love this song, it’s perfect!! I prefer the Curse of Monkey Island (even though the song for all it’s the same), but using the Secret of Monkey Island’s images made it more nostalgic.

    Great medley, man, as always!

  • Aero said:


  • Kit said:


    I was so happy to see this up, and even more delighted once I’d listened to it. Brilliant work, as always; you’ve definitely set a very high standard of excellence. Impressive video-editing as well, I liked some of the footage from the games quite a lot. You have a lot of really nice “little touches” in there as well that make it special. <3 Well done.

    Can't wait to hear what's next. :3

  • Ryan S said:

    I didn’t stop shivering throughout the whole thing! Been following you from the beginning and will until the end! Keep up the amazing work!

  • kjhovey said:

    Didn’t even notice you did all of the video editing as well… Jeez man, leave some talent for us, haha. Metroid Prime part was awesome in the video.

  • Utka said:

    Wow!! A masterpiece!:-* To be honest I was really afraid that i would’t like it:-) Cause I don’t know most of these games (i play only MMORPG or kinect games). But it wasn’t boring! Not for a second! Absolutely grate arangement and perfect playing the instruments! I repeat it over and over finding new amasing sounds each time.
    Fredde, have you really done that video on your own? It’s very dinamic and goes with the music ideally!
    (and i’m going to keep on tweeting to you although you never answer:-P)

  • isabell said:

    Nice medley ;)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Utka: Are you sure that you’re tweeting to the right account? :D I’m a twitter noob, but I haven’t seen any of your comments.!/freddegreddet

    Thanks though! :)

  • Utka said:

    Never mind, I’m a noob also:-) I’m, and i’ve just cheered when i turned to be your 100 follower:-) and commented smth. Twitter is convenient when you following usefull and interesting people. You may retweet their news, so as I retweet yours:-)

  • Sascha said:

    Fredde, this is amazing.

    I bought that Video Game Experiment pack for 10€. Its worth much more but i cant afford more at the moment :)

    But if anybody else reads this – buy it, its so worth it!


  • Yotam said:

    Fredde, this video is a masterpiece, and you are awesome, although you should probably know this. I was extremely excited when my friend told me that you included Monkey Island’s theme in the video, since I always have thought that you were a console person. (I am a great fan myself and am working on a fan game.) I also enjoyed listening to it, of course – it is one of the best covers I have heard for this theme.
    Over all, this is one of the best videos I know.

  • Ethan said:

    Sorry, I didn’t really like it as much as your older videos. The thing I like about you is that you are different, original I might add. With your vocals and the acoustic guitar it becomes FreddeGredde, without them, it just becomes another slightly impressive video on YouTube. I was hoping for a video game medley like you did last time but with recent games as well as classics whilst singing funny lyrics. Come on :(

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Sascha: I really appreciate it, thanks! :)

    Yotam: I am a console person, but Monkey Island is probably my favorite PC series! I love the humor. :) And thanks!

    Ethan: Fair enough, but I’ve personally never liked acoustic stuff too much. Prog rock is what I like the most! So, sorry, but there will probably be vocals the next time!

  • Efj said:

    I’ve never thought funny lyrics and acoustic guitar is what’s “you”.

    Just sayin’

  • Doug Spak said:

    Fantastic!!! I really want to download this so i can jam out in the car. unfortunately the link you supplied doesn’t work :(

  • dzsilla said:

    you _really_ should make a band guys, asap! congrats! :)

  • silver102938 said:

    Wow man that was awesome. You made and excellent work, and I liked the fact that it was all instrumental and very little acoustic,as I really enjoy progressive stuff. But I had hoped you would put some Phoenix Wright, as you never finished that medley in your video experiments album. Anyway great video man and hope some day you will be able to finish that :)

  • Danilo said:

    It would be awesome if them both make the music of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (ice cap zone). The music are fantastic played by Fredd and Lois xD
    If you make… Please warn me. I’m realy fan of sonic

  • Rob said:

    Fredde, that was ridiculously enjoyable. I am glad to see you keep doing classic video game projects since your Wind Waker video is what initially hooked me in. This one could be my favorite, though! You definitely nailed a bunch of songs/games I really enjoyed from my youth. A few specific compliments that come to mind (since who doesn’t like being showered with praise?):

    1) The song overall is very well balanced and flows smoothly as you intended. You cover a very broad range of game genres, so I’m sure there is at least a little something for everyone (or lotsa stuff for people like me).

    2) I love that you included Chrono Trigger, and Frog’s theme is one of my faves. Both CT and Super Mario RPG have some of the best game soundtracks I can recall. Either of them could make for an uh-mazing future medley, not that you don’t have a million other ideas already brewing.

    3) The part where you transition from Castlevania to Ducktales is fantastic. It makes me want to shout out “bless me bagpipes!” every time.

    I was also wondering if you have actually played all of these games or if you just liked the music from hearing it elsewhere (I notice a lot of overlap with themes from Super Smash Brothers). If so, which do you consider your favorites?

    Thanks for doing what you do!

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:


    Rob, thanks for your thoughts! I have played all of the games except maybe 5-6 of them. When I had made an early list of games to include, I asked friends which ones they think I should add, so that’s when some RPGs (not my favorite genre) were added. I have played the CLASSIC RPGs, like Chrono Trigger and MarioRPG, but not FFX or Kingdom Hearts. :) The Super Smash Bros games are probably my most played ones though, so it’s natural that I’ve grabbed many songs from there. Also because that makes them more famous, and more famous songs = more appreciating viewers.

    My favorite songs or favorite games? It’s so hard to say.. I actually think I’ve liked the F-Zero X music the most as a kid! The Banjo-Kazooie music was also a favorite. And Zelda of course.

  • Алекс said:

    Тоже очень хорошо)) жаль только вокала нет…

  • Vicke said:

    Hello Fredde!
    I’d prefer to write this in Swedish but I guess I will do my best to write it in English, so that anyone else can understand aswell (or at least i hope).
    I’ve listened to a few of your youtube hits since a few months ago, and they were and are very enjoyable! Just today I realized that you had a webpage, and I must say from what I’ve seen here you seem to be a very delightful person :D! I thought I’d ask you a question that I guess I’ve had lying around, since I first watched one of your videos.
    I basically wanted to know if I could get some backstory to how you acquired those musical talents? Have you played instruments since you were a kid or what’s the deal?
    Also I saw you learn songs by ear and recommend it to others, I’m trying to learn guitar and I know the most fundamental things, the problem is all the music I listen to is distorted and I’m assuming a clean guitar is crucial when your starting out practicing hearing music. To cut a long question short :O, Are there any songs that you could recommend practicing your hearing skills to for a guitar player?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hi Vicke!
    There are lots and lots of info on my info page on the website, so I recommend that you check that out for more info about my background. :) Especially the “musical history” article.
    As for songs, you can really practice your ears with ANY music. Listen to the radio. Try to play the vocal melodies on the guitar. Try hearing the bass notes in the songs as well, and play both bass notes and vocal melody at the same time! And once you’ve gotten that far, you’re not far away from being able to figure out the whole chords, and that’s when you’ve “cracked” the song.
    When it comes to metal, if that’s what you mean by “distorted”, then it can be harder to figure out just like that. The bass notes usually help, and after that, you just have to learn to distinguish if the guitar is playing a regular “power chord” based on the bass riff, or if it’s using different colorings. Tabs can be useful when learning what they sound like.
    Good luck, and thanks! ^^

  • Jonathan said:

    Hey Fredde,

    This video game rock medley is nothing short of awesome! I’m a big gamer from the USA, and I was on a gaming website, and they posted this video there. Before, I had never even heard of you, but this is the song that brought me to your website, and I’ve been listening to some of your other work. I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your work, particularly the video game rock medley. From one musician to another, great work, and keep it up!


  • Tomás said:

    Hey Fredde, really nice song. I want to ask you what’s the name of the Yoshi’s Island song?

  • Mike said:

    Hello there, ive been a gamer for 20 years and going, so this is pure nostalgia to me and my friends. This is truely amazing.

    I know this may sound like a weird request but I was wondering if you and anyone could help me. One of my friends just got married to a gamer girl and they loved listening to this medley, especially the Ducktales part as it was my friend’s favourite game. And they asked me to play it at their party they are throwing, I wondered if at all possible there is a tab for it? If so, could I get a copy of it. I would greatly appriciate it so much.

    Thanks for your time and reading this. Keep making awesome music ^^

  • Jaren said:

    So much love in this medley, so many faves, so good!!!

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hey, thanks!

    Mike: Sorry, I don’t write down any tabs. =/ I’m sure you can find ones on google though. Good luck! :)

  • Mike said:

    Not to worry, im trying to learn it by ear and seeing what yo uare doing, as it is that version they really liked, so im trying hard for them, I think ive almost got it, but if you dont mind telling me the first 2 notes just to make sure, I hope thats ok to ask. Im sorry if im an annoyance.

    Take care and thank you.

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Mike: The first two note of what? The electric guitar?

  • dzsilla said:

    i can’t stand to tell, that i listened to this medley all day long, (and a lot before) and still can’t stop it. :)
    there’s everything in it i like about progressive music. really. thanks.

  • YoyoChild said:

    Hey, I’ve watched this video a million times. No questions or anything, I just wanted to sing it’s praises. XD It’s amazing. Keep it up.

  • Catherine said:

    I don’t know how much time I listening to this video. That’s SO epic!

    There’s a lot of video game I’d play when I was young, and even I still play.

    Oh, I can’t say no more words how much is fantastic :D

    Continue to make video like this! *__*

  • Justin said:

    You should do Bohemian Rhapsody by: Queen.. I would probably listen to that all day If you did it.

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Justin: Don’t want to, but thanks anyway!

  • Justin said:

    What about doing a mashup of all the Legend of Zelda songs? That would be really popular with everyone since a lot of people grew up playing The Legend of Zelda. (Like Me) But this video is just amazing, and I especially love the drummers face during the Kirby part :D

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Justin: Well, The Legend of Zelda is probably my overall favorite series, but I feel it would be too much of a repetition, to make yet another video game medley! Also, thousands of people have already made a mashup like that. :P So it just doesn’t seem like it would be very original.

    Thanks though!

  • J_to_the_P said:

    Favorite part: Cave story. BEST THING EVER!

  • Justin said:

    I’ll just continue to watch and wait for your new videos. But this video has to be my overall favorite.

  • Cinthia said:

    how i wish you could cover weslife’s song in medley.. :))

  • Mai said:

    Can you make a medley with Disney Movie Songs?

    That would remind a lot of people of their childhood :D

  • Danfish said:


  • Simo said:

    So many of the melodies and games made me shiver and feel so awesome! Thank you, Fredde!

  • BrownSpaceMan said:

    I think my favorite highlights from this was when you went from f-zero to fire emblem. I tried so hard to learn that f-zero song. You played that one crazy part on keyboard but I am always amazed when I see people play that on guitar. Also you nailed the Kingdom Hearts part down. It actually almost brought a tear to my eye because of how perfect the video synced up to the song. Well done. Seriously. I’m going to share this like crazy!

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