A Midwinter Story

19 May 2012 7 comments

Maybe I’m half a year late with posting this, but a friend and I made this short animation back in 2007 (she made most of the visuals, I made the music and sound effects), and people wanted to see it now, so I put it on youtube!

Basically, it’s a story about a bunch of little elves being killed off. :D I still think it’s a really funny one, but maybe it’s because of nostalgia, I don’t know…
(Oh, and it was really fun to make music for a thing like this, so contact me if you have some kind of project that needs a composer!)

Anyway, here it is:


  • Stefan said:

    I really like how the music goes along so well with the animation :)
    Also the incorporation of one or more christmas songs (most notable Jingle all the way) is a really smart addition :)

    Great video!

  • Eline said:

    Why so much violence ? Especially at Christmas ! XD

  • L said:

    Now I’m afraid to walk around the room… I suddenly could tread on the elf!

  • Rambow07 said:

    Hilarius x)

  • Anonymos said:

    I personally don’t like the video, the music is great, as well as the sounds.. But the video had way too much violence and blood for my liking.

  • ejcastillof said:

    sure, it’s funny, but it’s kinda…. not christmas-y, and a bit sick with killing everyone….
    the music was awesome and did well with the video (but what’s the point on repeating what everyone else said?)

  • ShyWildBoy said:

    I’m glad you took the time to post it for us. Nice. Cute. Even though its about killing, it’s sweet.

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