Jewel case or digipak?

16 May 2014 21 comments

I’m trying to decide whether I should go with jewel case or digipak for my new album. I personally prefer digipaks, because they seem nicer and more personal. But I also see why many prefer the sturdier and standardized jewel case!

So, which do YOU prefer? See poll on the right!

Jewel case:


  • Juan said:

    Digipack! Also digital download, because in my country they´re not letting in packages from other countries…

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Juan: What! You’re from Argentina, aren’t you? I’ve sent plenty of CDs to Argentina…. So it should work! :O

  • Josh said:

    I second digipak! It looks more like a cool book that way. Like a more personal, solid unit.
    And please have digital download available too!
    Cheers from Berkeley, California!

  • Lisa said:

    DIGIPACK!! Jewel cases always end up cracking one way or another. So glad you’re releasing new music :)

  • Andre Larsson said:

    The digipack looks pretty neat!

  • Cheryl said:

    Digiak all the way. iTunes is also great

  • Oscar Skaget said:

    Definitely Digipak! First, it would match 13/8, and jewel cases are way overdone and so boring! I get more of a vinyl feel from a digipak, much nicer. And the digipak is noting I could make by my self, I feel it’s a bit more special.
    Yes I have very clear opinions on this subject :P
    Glder meg til å høre!!!

  • Rune B Reinås said:

    Both works for me, although if pressured on the issue I’d say Jewelcase.

    Reasons: digipacks have a tendency to not look very good after being stored for a loong time. Also, jewelcases can be exchanged of they are cracked or damaged, not so easy to restore damage to digipacks.

    Looking very much forward to new material from you!

  • greger_jens said:

    Vinyl – duh.

  • Marcus Lundberg said:


  • sillybell said:

    Digipak is not only better environmentally, but also more neat to keep in your CD collection if you already have a lot of digipaks, which is mostly what indie records have! Also, nicer when getting it signed if it’s digipak.

  • AnetteSL said:

    I prefer jewelcase, but since your first album is digipak, digipak is better :DD

  • Palox93 said:

    The digipac looks nice

  • Alex said:

    I’m all about the jewel case just because all of my other albums I physically own are the same.

    That being said, digital would also be fantastic! Also, IS IT ALMOST RELEASED YET?!

  • emil said:

    I vote for digipak

  • Kit said:

    I like the digipak best, too. I agree with you it’s a little more personal, and besides, it matches the first album. Jewel cases are so. . . common. :p

  • Nadja said:

    Digipak! Vart kan man köpa skivan sen?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Nadja: Man kommer enbart kunna beställa den från min hemsida, och få hem den i brevlådan!

    For everyone: You’ll only be able to order the album from the website, and get it delivered to your mail box!

  • Lorelai said:

    Digipack so that it’ll match Thirteen Eight.
    it looks so good though *___* the album artwork is beautiful

  • Małgorzata Szeremietiew said:

    I also prefer the digipak : )

  • Juan said:

    Yes fredde! but there´re new laws in my country (since this year)… This is a big problem because they´re not even letting in pharmaceuticals… But I will definitely buy the digital version if it´s available!

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