The Movie Theme Medley

7 May 2016 3 comments

Harry Potter (2001)
Star Wars (1977)
Jurassic Park (1993)
James Bond (1962)
Rocky (1976)
The Good the Bad and The Ugly (1966)
Lord of the Rings (2001)
Home Alone (1990)
Jaws (1975)
Back to the Future (1985)
Pirates of the Carribbean (2003)
E.T. (1982)
Indiana Jones (1981)

* Harry Potter

    Em               Am/E B7/E  
an orphan named Harry Potter
 Em       B7/F#   Em
goes to a magic school
   Em                     Gm     Fm          
he fights Voldemort with nerdy friends
    Am         F#        Em
if magic were real, how cool

* Star Wars

 B    B     B      E E   (E/E D# D C# B)
Luke joins the Star Wars
        D/B   D/B D/B D/B D/B
with an old man
  E       D/B    D/B D/B D/B
Chewbacca and Han 
 E  D   C# D   B
to save Leia's ass
 B        E/(E D# C# B)
Vader's eeeeeeeevieeel
A/C#          A  A/E
but he's the dad
 E    A/(B         C# D#) E/(E D# C#)
and though that is sad
 E/B E D    C#   D    B
Luke, dont kiss your sis

* Jurassic Park

         E   A             E   A
we have dinosaurs, living dinosaurs
       E      E/G#       Asus4
it is totally safe, come see
         E    A          E             A
t-rex, brontosaurus, and some smart raptors
            E              Bsus4 B    Em
bring your family - oh shit, we must flee

* James Bond

 Em(/E F# F# F# F# E E E E G G G G E E E)
now double-o-seven
spies on some criminal lairs
(sneaking around)
he's got a license to kill bad guys
and has so many affairs
(sleeping around)
how will our dear double-o-seven
get out of trouble again
he'll use his gadgets 
now and then

* Rocky

 G/B  Am          Gmaj7 
Rocky go, run and fight
        Am            Gmaj7 
out of shape, not too bright
Am               G/B 
try to stand as you bleed
while you beat Apollo Creed

* The Good the Bad and The Ugly

 Em              A
*whistle* Clint Eastwood
 Em            D
*whistle* bad and good
  C            Bm
*whistle* some ugly dude
  Em    A   

* The Lord of the Rings

         E  G         E 
several hobbits on a quest
       C/E          G/D  
to destroy Sauron's ring
      A/E   Em D/F# 
then return heroes
E/G# G          E 
Gandalf is the best
          C             Bm             E 
fighting orcs, smoking weed, he won't die

* Home Alone

 D     A/C#    G/B  D/F# 
Kevin's home alone now
 G        D/A        Gmaj7 A 
no one's noticed they left him
  D   A/C#      G D/A
what a crappy family!
G          D/A 
torturing burglars
G           D/F# 
making them suffer
G           D/F# D
the kid is a sadist
G  G G/F# Asus4/E A  D 
he  needs  therapy!

* Jaws

E F     E   F      E   F    E  F etc
I am...slowly..swimming...closer..
Jaws is hungry, legs are yummy
good you're in the ocean, dummy
(look out there!)
even though my brain's a peanut
don't think I won't chew on your butt
(better swim!)
stupid humans pay attention
this song is so full of tension
I look so fake, but still scary
eating people like a cherry
limbs are floating in the water
now I crave another slaughter

* Back to the Future

F/D          C/E      Gsus4  G 
stuck in the 50's, oh my!
      F/C             C      Dsus4  C/E 
great Scott! poor ol' Marty McFly
     F              Em
you kissed your own mom
          D#maj7     Dm
now help dad go to prom
        Ab6  Ab   Adim5 
or you won't exist!

* Pirates of the Carribbean

 Cm                    G#                 Gm               Cm 
sword fights, funny hats, ghost pirate ships, and Johnny Depp
        G#             D#             A#            Cm 
he's a genius wearing goth makeup at every drunken step
        Cm             G#              Fm             Cm 
a love story with two boring but good-looking british actors
       G#        Cm             G              Cm 
such exciting adventures, but I do prefer the ride

* E.T.

 F   Fsus4            F
E.T. welcome to our planet
                 (welcome to our crazy world)
 G             C/E
eat our yummy M&M's here
                   (such yummy M&M's)
Bb/F                         C#
too bad cops need things to shoot at
                         (why don't the humans like us?)
 Dbdim5            C
you should phone home

* Indiana Jones
 C                  F/C   
what a hero, such a man
          G/C            C         C/G
he's the scholar with a dashing plan 
       C            C#
an explorer with a whip
 G       C/G G      C/G G
with a swashbuckling aura
   C/G   G   C/G G 
he wears a fedora
 C                 F/C 
the amazing doctor Jones
          G/C              C
fighting nazis, digging through old bones
    C              C#
Indiana frikkin' Jones
G   C/G   G       C/G
anything but the snakes
 G        C/G  G      Csus4/G
'cause they give him the shakes
C/G G    C
doctor Jones


  • jimmy said:

    nice song dude this is truly amazing

  • Bruno said:

    Your videos are AMAZING. You seriously deserve way more views and suscribers. Greetings from Argentina!

  • Ryan Whalen said:

    Absolutely amazing job!!
    Cheers from Newfoundland

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