A visit to Furuvik

30 June 2012 10 comments

So I was at a combined zoo and amusement park yesterday, called Furuvik or Furuviksparken! I went there many times when I was a kid, but hadn’t been there in at least 10 years, so it was fun for nostalgic reasons as well. It also has an “adventure island”, which includes a real coastal military battery, used in the world wars. Took lots of pictures, and what follows is some of them!

If you want to see all 53 pictures, you can find them here.


  • Ingrid said:

    Awesome! I’m thinking of going there later this month and see Michael Wiehe :D

  • sky_world said:

    I suppose, it was cool! I would like to visit this zoo, too.
    I wish you happy summer :)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    sky_world: Have a happy summer you too. :D

  • beastplaya77 said:

    what kind of camera do u use?These picture’s are soo clear and nice i feel like i’m there with you
    And a question: Are you famous yet?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    As it says in the FAQ, it’s a Canon 550D! I’m using it both for pictures and for video. :)

    If I’m famous? How do I determine that?

  • Teegsxx said:

    Love the pictures, especially the turtle, it looks like it just woke up or something haha :D

    Have a good summer, by the way! ^.^

  • Annie said:

    Hej hej, oui c’est Annie la chinoise. J’aime beaucoup la photo de toi et la chèvre. :-)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Haha, merci. :)

  • wingnutdrummer said:

    It looks like you are about to make sweet, tender love to that goat, lol

  • Demistra said:

    Älskar att kolla på dina bilder. Du är alltid lika snygg, men det får du väl höra hela tiden antar jag ;)

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