First summer day

11 June 2012 25 comments

I’m a bit late with updating now, again, but last week, summer finally arrived to Gävle! It’s a good thing that there’s a pretty cozy park right outside of my house:

So I went there with a friend, had a barbecue, and had a pretty nice time!

And I jumped high up in the air, because that’s how I roll!


  • Lauren said:

    Were you picnicking by yourself? That’s no fun.

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    No, of course there was a friend behind the camera. :P

  • Maddie said:

    This is lovely!! You’re very photogenic! :)

  • Jessi said:

    These are adorable.
    Looks like a nice day :)

  • Lauren said:

    oh duh, I’m a little slow. hahaha. It looks like you had a good time.

  • angel said:

    you look like you had fun, its so beautiful there.

  • Niki said:

    Summer is my second favorite season. Glad to see you’re enjoying it :)

  • Virgi said:

    I guess that if you were in Grand Paradise’ park (Italy) you’ll be jumping along with the goats instead of alone (-:

    (Not sure why I’m telling you this!)

  • Janette said:

    How warm does it get there? Here in Texas, people tend to stay inside more during the summer for fear of heatstroke or bursting into flames.

  • joss said:

    Oh my god … that handsome you go out:) the order a cordial greeting from Santander – Spain. I wait to coincide again with you with the chat;)

  • 01anyanka said:

    Wow it looks beautiful there. I live in Arizona where summer comes in March. It’s suppose to be 107 degrees F today wish I was there rather than here.

  • Jaren said:

    Awww!! They make me wanna go outside and play!! :)

  • Tom said:

    hey freddie probably being really dumb here but where are you from?

    by the way im in love with you ‘Cartoon Medley’ video, i watch way too many times! :) so many memories of those cartoons :D

  • Tom said:

    Its a really good video its brilliant!!

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Janette: It doesn’t get very warm here. If we’re lucky, it can be around 25°C (77°F) for a few days, but it’s usually slightly colder. I really wish it was hotter though!

    Tom: I’m from Sweden! Thanks. ^^

  • Tom said:

    Ok thanks :)
    You should do another Cartoon Medley cus ive learnt the lyrics to the other one… :L Plus the last one i cant stop listening and thats probably the same for alot of people, so make another! :)

  • BigLord said:

    That first picture looks ripped straight out of LoZ Skyward Sword! It looks BEAUTIFUL! :D

    Summer has arrived here in Portugal a few days ago, too. But we get temperatures around 30ºC, more or less… heh.

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Skyward Sword?! :D Nah, I don’t see it.

  • Christine said:

    You are so handsome!! and u have a great look at the jumping photo! :D

  • cris said:

    Fredde where I live in Bucharest its been 32-35 degrees for weeks(mid-summer) and I am suffocating. believe me – you dont want it to be hotter! lol
    I look at your pictures and I wish I was there nice photos by the way

  • richa said:

    hey fredde… first video i saw of yours was the cartoon medley…just loved that one…can see total purity in your eyes :)
    god bless you always….

  • richa said:

    nice pictures :)

  • richa said:

    i liked all but the one with eyes closed is the best….:)

  • Lilli said:

    You’re the best singer I’ve ever seen!When I drive to school, I’m listening to your music. When I’m taking a shower I’m listening to your music!OMG you’re sooooo amazing! I LOVE YOU!

  • scooter said:

    The last pic of your jumping could be modified for an album cover I think.. as “jumping” into something defines your life for music or traveling IMO

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