The Google Guitar Song

9 June 2011 24 comments

Have you noticed that there’s a playable “guitar” on today? It’s there to celebrate Les Paul’s 96th birthday, but I didn’t notice that you could play on it until just now! So I wrote a song with it. Quite difficult because of the lag, but it worked out decently in the end. :)

(Oh, and people in the chat room even said that I should post it on my main channel, so I did. Not entirely sure if it’s a smart move or not, but now it’s done.)


  • samuel karabetian said:

    Jag kollade på det just innan :)
    jag lyckades spela my heart will go on med lite.
    det låter lite falskt men så här går det om man startar tangentbordet under strängarna:

    IIII U I UU I O P OO IIII U I TT I T U O I O TT , det var det ända jag kom fram till för att den ljusa d noten fanns tyvärr inte :P

  • samuel karabetian said:

    kommer den vara med på albumet? :D

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Nej, det kommer den verkligen inte. :P

  • Nastia said:

    oh i like it
    i can’t make it work lol)

  • Skye said:

    How wonderfully dorky and brilliant!

  • Ollieboy said:

    Love it! Glad capristarz twisted your arm :P

  • Pinja said:

    Hahaha, so cool, I like it.

  • e.skr said:

    haha, love it! :D

  • Anónimo said:

    Come on man! You are just freaking awesome! We want a concert in Gävle come on!!!!!!!! haha


  • christine said:

    LOL! love it! :)

  • Ana said:

    Woah, you are just… awesome!! and yeah haha i discovered that you could made music with google, i passed hours (not lying) in that though really didn’t work for me because i don’t know how to play guitar, well… maybe wasn´t that bad i mean, my mom didn’t yelled “Shut up” so… i will stick to the “Not that bad”.
    Anyways, i just saw your videos on youtube and let me tell you, you are annoyingly good :9. I love your videos!

  • lala said:

    honey, you’re simply fantastic.
    someone shared a link of your killer queen with me on fb today,
    it was the first i’ve ever heard of you,
    and i’ve been watching your stuff and reading up for the last hour.
    so i’ll say it again, just to make sure you heard me:
    you’re simply fantastic.

  • Allellich said:

    Ja, troligen sa det ar

  • Bob said:

    Jag fick Axis of Awesome’s “Four Chord Song” att funka på den här Google-gitarren.

  • Rob said:

    Hi Fredde,

    I love your music, you are one of a kind. One question; why are all your lyrics in English? I’m English myself so excuse my ignorance of how other nationalities use the language!


  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hi Rob! My lyrics are in English because most people will be able to understand them that way. There are only around 11 million people who understand Swedish, so that would make it sort of limiting! Thanks!

  • Sasia said:

    Hey do you understand Danish? But funny song :D

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Sasia: I understand written Danish, but spoken is just impossible. :P

  • Meru Hina said:

    I’m so bad at music that my internet shut down itself so I couldn’t play that guitar on google! Anyway, even your attempts of doing something out of the blue don’t sound dorky at all! I like your music and you seem like a really nice guy! You have another fan for life :) Greetings for Mexico!


  • Rhianna Iles said:

    I cannot thank you enough for the article post.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

  • Ali5a said:

    Oh, the lyrics… So beautiful. :D

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Haha, indeed!

  • RHC said:

    Hooray! the one who wrote is a cool guy..!

  • Daniel or just Danya said:

    Fredde please record the song from the movie Star Wars there is a very beautiful compositions such as Yoda theme and across the stars.
    I will wait, bye:)

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