The Jungle Book Medley

17 June 2016 No comments
1. Bare Necessities

              E         E7
Look for the bare necessities
    A             A7 
The simple bare necessities
    E             C#7                F#7  B7 
Forget about your worries and your strife
          E         E7    
I mean the bare necessities
     A              Am
Old Mother Nature's recipes
       E       C#7    F#7    B7      E B E
That bring the bare necessities of life

             B7                E
Wherever I wander, wherever I roam
               B7               E E7
I couldn't be fonder of my big home
              A              Am
The bees are buzzin' in the tree
              E             F#7
To make some honey just for me
      C#                 C#
When you look under the rocks and plants
    F#7                  F#7   B7
And take a glance at the fancy ants
      E     C#7
Then maybe try a few
            F#m          B7                 E C#7 
The bare necessities of life will come to you
    F#m        B              E  B E
but where? - They'll come to you!

2. Hathi's March

E Edim5/B E Edim5/B (B C# D#) x4
Hup 2, 3, 4
Dress it up 2, 3, 4
Hup 2, 3, 4
By the ranks or single file
Over every jungle mile
       B/C       B/C#
Oh we stamp and crush
            B/D    B/D#
Through the underbrush
    B/(B C C# D#) E 
In a military style!

3. Trust in Me

Trust in me, just in me
           B7               Em
Shut your eyes and trust in me

You can sleep safe and sound
       B7     Em
Knowing I am around

4. I wanna be like you

Now I'm the king of the swingers
Oh, the jungle VIP

I've reached the top and had to stop
And that's what's been botherin' me

I wanna be a man, mancub
And stroll right into town

And be just like the other men
I'm tired of monkeyin' around!

G    C 
Oh, oobee doo
I wanna be like you
I wanna walk like you
 G7            C-A7-Dm
 Talk like you, too
       G          C
You'll see it's true
An ape like me
     D7          G7     C F C
Can learn to be human too
G             C             A7 
duba dabadabadah darah dodododooo-dorodoro
D7               G7       C     A7   Dm
duba-dububa-dubudaaa duruh duruh duruh!

5. That's what friends are for

       G       C
When you're alone
Who comes around
To pluck you up
When you are down

                  G     Cm
And when you're lost in dire need
               G          Cm
Who's at your side at lightning speed?
We're friends with every creature
Comin' down the pike
In fact we never met an animal
We didn't like
Haha, you take it kid
Bb7      G7
didn't like!

6. My Own Home

Dm                      A7/D
Father's hunting in the forest
Dm                      A7/D
Mother's cooking in the home
Dm                     A7/D
I must go to fetch the water
  Bb7              A7   Dm         
'Til the day that I am grown
 A7/Bb   Dm/B   A7/C#     Dm
'Til I'm grown, 'til I'm grown
Dm                      A7/G
I must go to fetch the water
 A#7               A7   Dm 
'Til the day that I am grown

(Dm G6 C "necessities in life will come to you")

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