A Classical Fairytale

14 July 2014 13 comments

15 classical pieces put together into an original fairytale story, performed on guitar and vocals!

I actually selected the songs and wrote the story in early 2012, but I wanted animations for it, and getting 15 animators to actually finish their parts took more than two years! Now it’s finally finished though, and it’s certainly my most ambitious video ever, so I hope you’ll enjoy!

The MP3 can be downloaded here, and TABS can be found here!


  • Alex said:

    Well damn that was impressive.

    Like, really, really impressive. That must’ve required a lot of work. Well done!

    Also, have you taken singing lessons? You hit some really high and low notes in this

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hey, thank you! :) I did try a couple of singing lessons, back in like… it might have been 2008. I’m not sure I learned anything, I prefer learning on my own, looking things up on the internet and practice on my own!
    As for my vocal range, it’s probably a bit above average, and I’m not sure if that’s something everyone can practice, or if you’re just born with it. But yes, lots of work and practice for sure. :)

  • Sachin said:

    Wow. I just want to thank you dude. It was so much fun to hear. Classical music is my favorite stuff.

    I’m just curious, apart from your musical career, how do you spend time playing music? I mean when it’s not *practising* or *working on publishing stuff* and you have an hour with the guitar?
    Would you pick up a piece and improvise? or would you hear a song and play it by hear. would you compose stuff?

    If it is so much fun for us to hear, I can’t imagine how you feel while playing stuff. :)

    ps: But it was too much of a wait though. :P

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hey Sachin!

    Oh, honestly I spend very little time on playing just for fun these days. I don’t have much “energy”, so if I’m working on an album or medley, I just want to relax and do something else when NOT working.
    But sure, when my energy is all filled up and I have no projects in the works, I hear songs and I play them by ear, I improvise and come up with new ideas, and that’s how new projects are started. :) That first time with something new is the most fun, when it’s all about being creative. After that, it gets tedious to force myself to actually finish the project…

    Thanks! :)

  • Eduardo said:

    Really amazing work with the new medley. I do have a couple questions about it.

    1. Why did the witch take it out on the princess who was actually willing to give her a piece? (unless that wasn’t planned and the animator just included it unknowingly)

    2. Why did the boy attack the witch when she didn’t really lie to him, she just told him how the spell works, pretty much like in Howl’s moving castle, with the witch of the waste “My expertise lies in casting spells, not breaking them” (or something like that).

    3. How come they were suddenly indoors when the battle started even though the witch had appeared to him in the middle of the woods?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hi, thanks!

    1. Hehe, well, it was probably the worst punishment she could give to the king and queen, even though the princess was innocent! But evil witches don’t care about that.
    2. The boy was angry, and wanted to force her to free the princess from the curse, simple as that. :)
    3. THAT was a flaw from the animators though. But there’s a little break in between the scenes, so it’s perfectly plausible that the witch just went into her house, and the boy came after.

    I like that someone is actually paying some attention to the story and questions it! :D

  • Shushanik said:

    I see that the job you’ve done is difficult and it perhaps took lots of time and efforts. But after all let me tell you it’s just AMAZING,thank you)

  • Elin said:

    Hey Fredde! First, I’d like to say that this video shows so much hard work! It’s obvious you spent a lot of time on it. But it doesn’t seem to be as popular on your youtube channel as I would have expected. Are you disappointed by the view numbers? I love your fancy videos, but my favorites will always be the ones with you on the couch :)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hi Elin! Of course I’m disappointed, because it’s the most ambitious video I’ve made, the most creative, the most “artsy” one. It’s one of few videos I’ve made that I PERSONALLY would watch through. :D So it’s disappointing that once again, me and “the general audience” have completely different tastes.

    Thanks though. :)

  • Ben said:

    Hi Fredde! amazing video,must have taken you ages,I applaud you for your hard work and determination to make this. one question though, do you have sheet music for this? apart from guitar tabs. I really want to learn this, but I only play piano. Thanks in advanced, Ben

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hey Ben, thanks a lot! Sorry though, no sheet music. I’m sure you can find it just by googling though, as they’re all old classical pieces that are free to use!
    Take care!

  • Ant said:

    Hey dude hows things, i have had your album for over a year now and still love it, any chance of some new stuff anytime soon? take care

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hey Ant, thanks! Well, I’ve slowly started to compose some new stuff, so I predict I will post some new videos and release a new CD in the summer!

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