New “Drawings” section

9 July 2012 4 comments

Lots of picture updates now, even though I “should” be all about music, but since I’m making drawings for people who choose the “Extra” option when buying my CD, I figured I might as well post them on my website! So, here’s the new page, which will be updated now and then.

Here are a couple of examples, just to make this post a bit meatier!


  • BigLord said:

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH, Toon Link’s drawing!!

    I’ll be sure to check that section out! :D

  • Ginsu48 said:

    too great, you did good with these!

  • Jojo2145 said:

    haha a little multi talent :D

    i like your Diddy Kong picture :)

    Keep it up ;).

  • Marie said:

    “Draw me like one of your French girls.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH, that’s wonderful.

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