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13 July 2012 7 comments

A few weeks ago, a guy contacted me and asked if I could make a cute song for his project, but he wanted me to make an example before paying. So I made this little chorus demo:

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But when I sent it to him, he said he wanted more samples, and I naturally can’t spend every day creating songs for free, so I told him to come back when he’s decided that he wants to hire me to make his song.

He never did, so I figure that I might as well post it here for you now! I don’t think it would fit my next album anyway. (And also, if the song does show up somewhere in the future, this post is proof that I made it!)


  • Solène said:

    That’s so cute ! Everything you do is wonderful Fredrik :).

    Kisses from France

    Solène (:

  • BigLord said:

    Awww, cute! I wonder if you’ll work on that melody later? It sounds so nice.

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Thanks! If I find a use for it, like if someone hires me to rewrite it to fit some other game or tv show or whatever, then I will!

  • Jeremy said:

    You are the future “Uncle Charlie” with your jingle !

  • Dwaine said:

    This is a good little song for a children’s TV show. It reminds me of an Australian TV show “THE BOOK PLACE”.

  • Bianca said:

    OMG what kind of idiot wouldn’t hire you in a heartbeat after such a lovely song?

    Love your stuff Fredde!

    XOXO from Brazil!

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hehe, thanks! I don’t know what was wrong with it either. :(

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