8 August 2012 6 comments

As a little side project, I’ve recorded vocals for a friend’s song. He’s also about to make a pretty weird music video for it, so now I’ve filmed my part as well.

I’m curious to see the final results! If it turns out well, I might post it on my youtube channel.


  • BigLord said:

    You’d make a great hospital clown! The kind of clowns that go visit hospitals and cheer sick children up, you know? :D

  • Lucy said:

    hey Freede, I have great interest to see this new video, I’m sure will be a good job as we have used. I hope to see you soon and enjoy the video.

    By the way, is the song made for you?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Made for me? Nah, he wrote several songs for his EP, and then decided that this one would fit me the best, or something like that.

  • Niko said:

    All you need is a Hitler-stache and you will look just like Charlie Chaplin. Btw, the third photo with the umbrella behind the shoulder is the best.

  • London said:

    this makes me moore curious about overseas compared to north america

  • Toxic Melons said:

    Slight delays, but it’s just about done! Looking forward to showing it to everyone! Fredde sounds great on the song,,,are you surprised?

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