Solace Distant

2 August 2011 30 comments

A softer piano ballad from Thirteen Eight, including a pretty cool instrumental section at the end.

Alright, so this is track number 2 on the album, called Solace Distant. I usually don’t write lyrics, but I actually wrote this one all on my own, except for a little help from my friend Otto Olivera. I was sort of thinking about a girl one day, and felt I wanted to try to compose a traditional piano ballad about my thoughts. It’s a bit cheesy, but this is what came out.

The video was made by my brother Robin. He has complained for a while about how I should make a GOOD video for once, so this was how he felt that music videos should be like.

I really hope you’ll like it. My favorite part is the proggy instrumental middle section!


  • AnetteSL said:

    ^^) ME GUSTA!! :D. It’s amazing :)

  • Russel said:

    I like it! I think that the lyrics are a bit simple, but that’s really what this song is about anyways; a simple, cute song about a girl. The music is fantastic, and I also loved that instrumental bit in the middle. Great work!

  • elfie said:

    I’m really happy to see a new video on your web site :)
    you convinced me to buy the album, i hope the other songs will be as nice as this one.
    Thank for the joy when i hear you ^^

  • pinja said:

    I like it.
    I my glade I pre-order your album and this video is guarantee that I whill not regret it. :-)

  • shush said:

    I like lyrics and video too =)

  • utka said:

    Wow! It worth waiting! The music is very distinctive and imaginative and video is well-made and very just emphasizes the music. I think everything is in harmony. Sometimes it reminds Vampire Bride and sometimes Beside me so it’s even more enjoyable. Congrats, Fredde!

  • Jonas said:

    Wow … this song touched my heart … and i can’t get the refrain out of my head :-)

  • Clara said:

    Wow, that was amazing! The song is beautiful and the lyrics is so sweet :) The video is simple but is really pretty, I liked when there’s a split scene and it shows you and the sky, it’s almost…poetic ahaha like utka said: everything is in harmony =D Great job, Fredde.

    (And sorry about my english, I’m still learning. Hehe)

  • Jaren said:

    Very pretty. “Pretty” being the choice word to describe a song about a girl. I wanted to say “bad-ass” but its not as delicate. The song and video are a nice combination of both delicate and bad-ass, especially the breakdown! This is such a teaser for the album, gah!!

  • Fan said:

    I love it. I can’t wait to hear your album!
    Big up to your brother as well, the video is really good work!!

  • Anarella said:

    Congratulations Fredde! The video and the song are very good.
    I personally thought that the lyrics could be better, but the composition and performance are so good that the lyrics almost doesn’t matter (plus your voice is amazing).
    I liked the closes, when we can see your hands and face! And the piano solo is really beautiful, I liked it very much.
    Hope you don’t get mad about my comment, I was just beeing sincere..

  • Jonas said:

    Wow… somehow you manage to make me like every song you perform/write :)
    what i also like are the informations about your songs, i think it’s really interesting what you think about your songs or why you wrote them.
    Keep up the work i hope this won’t be your last album ;)

  • Gabi said:

    So, it’s mean you have a girlfriend right now? :D

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Gabi: What, no. :P Not at all.

  • Mik said:

    Oh, Freddie! :D

    You wrote in the forum that you think the first minute is too slow, but I really loved it. Actually I liked because it contrasts so well with the second part. Lyrics are the last part I pay attention in a song, but I liked this one a lot! I know it’s simple, but it’s pure and sincere, and that’s the most important.

    The chorus is absolutely incredible, don’t know yet if I prefer the first time you sing it or the last one. That’s the contrast, they cause a different feeling when you listen to them. The first time is so calm and delicate, and the last one is the opposite, but both are emotionally strong.

    For a first single, fantastic job!

    And congratulations to your brother, he is an excellent director! The video is very beautiful, simple and pure like the song. ;)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Thanks a lot everyone! :)

    (Especially Mik, haha, for the more detailed description. I actually had sort of a nightmare tonight about how everyone complained about the lyrics for my album, so I’m glad to have it confirmed that there are people like me, who don’t really focus on lyrics.)

  • Dylan said:

    I like it! The instrumental part reminds of a Final Fantasy boss battle, which makes it even better! Maybe once the album is released and after a nice vacation would you consider going on tour? Come to Ireland! Please…I’ll do the laundry!

  • digitalmuze said:

    Yo Freddie, hello from Los Angeles. As always, love your work. Assuming you’re looking for feedback, consider taking your video to the next level by using imagery that supports a story for your song. Recommend using imagery (such as settings, colors, interactions with others, body gestures, facial expressions, etc. — yes, this means you’ll need to work on your acting too!) to create the moods your want your audience to experience before, during and after the emotional peaks in the song.

    Here’s a simple HOW TO do it:
    1) Create a list of moods you want the audience to experience for each musical phrase (and/or emotional peaks & transitions) in the song.
    2) Then think of imagery (or series or images) that best communicate each mood. Ideally, all the imagery will relate to each other withing a continuous story. And, ideally, the story should have a beginning, middle and end. Perhaps you had a story in mind when you wrote the song?
    3) Work with a director who will make everyone do it over & over again until effective images are recorded. Your editing will take care of the rest.

    Hope that helps! Looking forward to your future releases! Feel free to contact me anytime if you want more info.

  • diane said:

    After seeing your videos on facebook, I wanted to know more about you and I listened to this amazing song. If I have one thing to say is that it’s great: I can’t stop listening. You have a beautiful voice and I love the instrumental part. I’m waiting for the rest of the album. I want more! Sorry for my bad english …
    A French fan

  • Luwain said:

    What I’m about to write resembles a lot of what Mik has said abowe.

    I heard this song for the first time a few days ago (only !). It’s been in my head ever since. And I’m glad, because for once it’s not an irritating song that gets stuck but a really beautiful one.

    I like the contrasts in the melody very much. I totally understand your point of view whey you say it’s too slow, but for me it’s important that it begins that way to give even more power to the last part. (And I love slow themes too ! ;) )

    About the lyrics, yes, they could be cheesy, but aren’t really. They are authentic, you made them, you speak of something you’ve experienced. They are not written in chain for some boy’s band.

    The melody is interesting and not easy, but that doesn’t surprise me. I’ve already seen you’ve got some serious talent. Even one part I didn’t like as much (the transition between the instrumental and the third chorus) has grown on me and now I adore it. Oh, and the piano-theme in the middle (around 2:20) reminds me of a group named YUP and their song Joutilas, which is not a bad thing !

    I find your voice a bit “dry” but it doesn’t really bother me. On the contrary actually. I don’t particularly like the opposite…

    Go Fredde !

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Aww, thanks. :)

  • Misty said:

    You are an incredibly talented young man. I wish I had half the talent you do. I was emailed the “Killer Queen Cover” video and ventured to your site. This video/song is wonderful. I think it’s perfect! Someone said something about it being simple, well honey, I think what you are hitting on is perfect. It’s about time someone got back to the basics. I like songs without all the glitz/fluff and that is what you deliver! Excellent job!!! Prayers from Arizona, USA.

  • Jessica Goree said:

    Another great piece. So glad I ordered your CD. Can’t wait for it to get here. :) I’ve already been promoting you to my friends any chance I get! :)

  • yosja said:

    the best song i have ever heard

  • Sasia said:

    I love it! Really good intro!<3 Its a good text! Youre so cool! And really sweet song to<3

  • Serge said:

    wow! You really have the prog/rock vibe around you. thank you! Reminds me of genesis’ older work, as well as pendragon, Act and other good prog bands.

  • Annie said:

    This is what my boyfriend suppose to tell me…so true
    I left, he supposed to be cold, but I keep calling him make him frustrated, angry with him..but he is there softly catch me and carry me on…I hope we could save our love

  • Ali5a said:

    This is so beautiful. I think I want to cry.

    And now I really have to find someone who I could sing this to.

    (Wait, did that sentence make any sence?)

  • Karol said:

    Beautiful…both the music as singer! ;)

  • Theresa2121 said:

    I like the song freddygredde. Very emotinal. It’s amazing as usal. :)

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