Lonely Starlight

2 September 2011 51 comments

The opening prog rock track from Thirteen Eight, featuring lots of majestic themes and odd time signatures.

I almost always do my best to compose something accessible, but end up with weird chord progressions and time signatures anyway! I just don’t want my music to be too normal. :) So here it is, the opening track for the album. Mostly in the time signature 13/8 (hence the album title), with lyrics written by Otto Olivera and drums played by David Schlein.

I hope you give it a few tries, because it might just grow on you. :)

(Oh, and next week I will post the animated music video for The Star Song. That one will be great, so I hope I don’t scare anyone away with this one, haha.)

A thunderhead of doom enshrouds
The faraway land they left behind
On ships, prepared and set
To roam, unknowing what they’ll find

Through currents of mystery
Hegira to relieve their plight
Every span they travel
Holding hands with lonely starlight

The youthful and seasoned émigrés
In vessels constructed with great skill
Geometric rigor to secure
A promise and purpose which they all would fulfill

In three fleets of seven, while
Tethered to each other tight
Any turn they travel
Guided on by lonely starlight

Home was laid to waste
Dissension and decay
Looking to survive
They chose to sail away

Scoping panoramic visual field
Hoping beneficial clues will be revealed
Seeking destination suitably fit
To accommodate them, and, as luck would have it,

A pathway to navigate
Coordinates: thirteen-eight

Doubtful and unsure
What more can they endure?
Will the choice they make
Prove to be a big mistake?

Time is now at hand
With tension at a peak
Does this course provide
The harbor that they seek?

Then, obstacles cleared reveal
A welcome and heavenly sight
Full of hope they travel
Led to it by lonely starlight

A sphere bathed in blue and green
With water and air so clean
Extending a hand in glee
They reach for their destiny


  • Camilla said:

    I have the biggest smile on my face right now :D tack, tack, tack så mycket.

    Best present ever :D <3

  • Ugglemannen said:

    Love it!!!

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Ugglemannen: Thanks! ^^

    Camilla: It wasn’t The Star Song though, I’m sorry about that. :) I’ll post that one next week instead! But happy birthday! ^^

  • Camilla said:

    yeah, but thats alright, any song is fine :)

  • Camilla said:

    Oh and I forgot to say… best present ever, until I get the cd ;)

  • Bendik said:

    I.. Must.. have… this… on my ipod.
    Put it on itunes! I command you >:)

  • shush said:

    4 different FreddeGreddes:) but thay all are cool…

  • Kit said:

    This is AMAZING.

    How can you think this will scare people away? This is one of my favorites from you so far! It’s exactly the sort of thing I like. . . and I hope you won’t ever be afraid to challenge your fans. ;p

    It’s wonderful to hear such kickass solos from you on both keyboard and guitar. :D :D :D And I think your different hairstyles are very cute.


  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Bendik: Sorry, you’ll have to wait until September 13! :D (Unless you order my album right now of course!)

    Kit: Aww, thanks! :)

  • Jackie said:

    This is awesome!

  • LadyLane said:

    Keyboard Fredrik definitely has the best hair.

    Great song/video ^^

  • GEncore said:

    Easily my favorite of your original songs you’ve put out. awesome :D

    any chance you could post the lyrics?

  • Dan said:

    Very nice. Any chance you can post the lyrics? (Maybe youtube description) :D

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Added lyrics on youtube. :)

  • pinja said:

    Great video…and the song, well, more I listen more I like.
    The best of are solo parts, intro and melody in general (nice, slow start and than the action).

    And one thing, where`s your smile disappeared? You look so serious.

    Oh, and the style is great to, Fredde with beard, Fredde with long hair and Fredde with short hair (nicer).

  • Stefan said:

    This song is good on so many levels:)
    Allthough I’m generally not really into to much change-of-rhythm-or-beat-songs. This one was very cool.
    The breaks where perfectly timed, and prevented it from becoming to much of the same. Particularly the first break with just acoustic guitar, blew me away:). Off course a great drummer as well, and I can see you put a lot of efford in editing the video. It looks really great.
    Oh, and you didn’t film the bass part in the bathroom after all right?:)

    In short: Epic stuff mate:P

  • Clara said:

    Your cd arrived yesterday. I’ve been listening it non-stop since then and actually this song is on my top five ;D
    So,the star song. I’ve been looking forward that one since you told us the clip would be animated hehe :b

  • David said:

    Your album’s all in 13/8, huh? I don’t know much about music, but isn’t that an uncommon time signature? The only song of I’ve heard in 13/8 is Weapons Factory from Super Mario RPG.

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Pinja: Hej! You really think I should smile in a serious song? I don’t think that fits. :)

    Stefan: Thanks! :) And I honestly like when there is lots of changes in music! But if you liked it in Lonely Starlight, maybe you’ll like it in the rest of the album too!
    And it’s cool to read little details like that, like how you like the acoustic breakdown. :)

    Did I say that I’d film it in the bathroom? Oooh, now I remember. No, I went with the kitchen instead. :P

    Clara: Cool! It’s one of my favorites too. :)

    David: No, not all in 13/8. But in odd time signatures in general. I try to avoid normal 4/4. :) Because like, 80% of all songs in the world are in 4/4! 15% are in 3/4 (or 6/8 which is basically the same thing), and at MOST 5% are in other ones, like 13/8, 5/4, 7/8, and you know, anything! It’s a little sad.

  • GEncore said:

    Woah, is there whispering at the beginning of the song?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    GEncore: There is! What I’m whispering is a secret though. ;)

  • C said:

    I almost cant beleive my ears…this is so good I have to listen to it a couple of times just to realize how great you are…this goes directly into my “heart” (brain, that is)…
    i also have a big smile on my lips when I listen to this……

  • pinja said:

    Well, yeah…but a little smile on the end, thought. I didn`t meant on smile from ear to ear :-)

  • Tomas said:

    Hej Fredrik! why must you be so awesome? You are eating away my bandwidth! If I listen to you any more, buying your CD will be the cheaper option~!
    Hope to hear more!
    -From a fan in Nya Zeeland.

  • Francisco said:

    Great song. I love it. :)
    What’s funny is that everyone is talking about “Dream Theater”, “Styx” and so on… But, to me, this song reminds me of Jethro Tull (“A Passion Play”) and Mike Oldfield (“Tubular Bells” trilogy).
    Still, I love it. :D

  • Bendik said:

    I agree with pinja. When i showed some of your videos to my girlfriend, she said that she really liked how cheerful you are. ;)

  • Bradford said:

    I love this song and it made me smile. Very Yes-ish (I love Yes’ music, so that’s a compliment) though not exactly … it definitely has its own unique style. I guess I have a thing for 13/8 tempo!

  • Mattias said:

    totaly awsom =)

  • Ben said:

    I have to say that was awesome. I always look forward to any songs you post on here. This was just great. Love the irregularity of it. Also nice work on the drums, I went to his page, this guy is nuts!

  • janne said:

    This is great!
    I’ve been constantly happy since I heard this song for the first time! Can’t wait for tomorrow. :-)

  • Mattias said:

    you are totaly awsom =)

  • vincent palmieri said:

    there is a real talent ,i love bands like spocks beard transalantic flower kings.this is not at that level YET, please keep going.

  • fromTurkey said:

    Dude, you are a one talented music man! Keep going ;)
    Btw, it sounded like Dream Theater to me. Great band to be inspired by.

  • Sasia said:

    I love it!! And i love you!<3 You are so mutch my idol! Where are you from?<3 I hope i can get youre cd couse i love you songs<3<3 Keep singing you got a fantastic voice! And you also play fantastic!<3 I love you<3<3

  • Dee said:

    I want the CD so badly. I’m at the other side of the world :( so I guess it’s a bit hard.

  • glenn said:

    If you use crystal glasses and you slide your finger in a circle on the top rim. They will play like a violin with a sound more like a flute, but more fundamental like a sine wave.

  • ElectricSid said:

    This song is awesome!! You rock, Fredde.

  • Serge said:

    My god, you’re a miracle!
    Great arrangements.

  • Filipa said:

    Awesome :) and tumbs up for all your other videos!

    I’m sorry but i have to say: this reminds me a lot of dream teather, but still it’s very original…which is great!!:)

    Keep up the good work!!

    And Merry Christmas btw :3

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Filipa: Well, I like Dream Theater a lot, so you don’t have to be sorry about that. :D

    Thanks, and merry Christmas to you too! ^^

  • Luca said:

    Did you make this song and “Time will tell” with some inspiration of some songs by Dream Theater and Opeth ,tool or something like that?

    I have just eon more question: i realy want to try to play “Lonely Starlight” and “Time will tell” , so my question is : can i make a cover? and if so can i have the tab?
    I will understand if you don’t want me to do that.

    Great music, ceep it like this !

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Luca: No, they’re not inspired by a certain band. It’s prog rock though, so there will be similarities with bands like Dream Theater, Opeth, and hundreds of other bands. :) I’ve never really liked Tool though, honestly.
    As for tabs, I don’t have any, sorry. But if you’re able to use your ears, then feel free to make covers. :)

  • luca said:

    I will try! i think that “Lonely Starlight” will be the one that i will try first, on the guitar and the drums, maybe the rest later. I’ll see what i can do! but “Time will tell” will be harder to cover.

    annyway , I’m trying to make my own songs 2 , but I’m cind of stuck! I don’t have inspiration annymore! what would you do to have inspiration? The fun part is when i creat something that i can’t do yet :) , But thats whats gonne make me better!

    annyway , i hope you had a great Christmas and now a happy new Year 2012!

    (oh and ps :don’t be sorry for not having some tabs!)

  • Dan K said:

    Hi Fredde,

    Ah, another great song :) Outstanding production, sound quality, too!

    Like others here, I hear some Dream Theater influence in there, but I find your song much more listenable than DT. You have a more organic approach and tastier choices in your solos and passages.

    DT gets too clinical for me; I prefer Yes and Rush.

  • Fenja said:

    Remembers me of Porcupine Tree.
    Beautiful :)

  • Гева said:

    Класс! Молодец!;)

  • Kirill and other (Russia) said:

    Hi! All of your songs are amazing, and music medleis too. There are your fans from Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Ukraina. So, can you create russian music medley, please)))

  • Marina said:

    You have no ideia how much i like your work, you are amazing!! much love from Brazil!

  • Carolina Evagelidis said:

    WOOOWWW you are incredible!!!!!!! I’m from Brasil and i will show to all my friends!!!! you deserve that and more! congratulations!!

  • Karol said:

    I play flute, will you marry me?? :D

  • Alexandria said:

    I love this song and all your videos! I really wish I had your talent. These songs make my day so much better! How long does each video take to make?

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