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29 October 2009 24 comments

My first completed original progressive rock song, with drums by Louis Abramson.

This was a risky move, because I had not been uploading anything since “32 songs in 8 minutes”, half a year ago, and followed it up with an original prog rock song, that was complex and not very commercial at all. It was the first original song I ever finished composing and recording (got help with lyrics by Diana Nissan), but I just felt that I wanted to show people what I actually wanted to do, what kind of music I like.

The reactions were kind of mixed. I was pleasantly surprised when non-prog fans said they loved it, but there were also lots of people who thought the song was just all over the place, and hard to grasp. But all in all, I got a lot of positive feed-back (and to date, it’s my most viewed original song), so it encouraged me to revisit the genre some day.

But first I wanted to try out more new things..

Update: A re-recorded version of this song is on my album, Thirteen Eight! Get it now on iTunes, Bandcamp or my own shop!


  • Dawson said:

    I really liked this! It was my favorite original song by you. I’m going to look on Itunes and if it is on there, I’m definitely buying it. Haha :D I’m looking forward to more amazing videos!

  • Karine said:

    I’m so in love with this song! It’s my favorite of your Youtube videos! I hope your album will sound a little something like this, it would be perfect! Good job, never stop making magic like this! (Sorry for my poor english, huuurrr)

  • Bryan said:

    Wow!! Love this tune. Keep up the amazing work. Just one question: If this is a progressive rock song, isn’t it like 14 minutes too short? Just kidding. Good work man.

  • Jacob said:

    For your very first Prog Rock song ever composed and recording you did exceptionally well! The song is very well written. I can see where people would say it is “all over the place” but it’s prog rock, it’s kind of suppose to be that way. My only critique, if you will, are the vocals. Don’t get me wrong, you have a wonderful singing voice, however for this type of music it doesn’t exactly fit. Maybe try deeper vocals or more “raspy”, I guess. Also the recording of the vocals should have been separate (if it was, it needs to be louder).

    As I said thought, excellent job and I hope you do revisit Prog Rock! Keep up the great work!

  • Andrew said:

    I don’t know what I like more, the prog song or the fatc Louis from Jolly is doing the drums! Well done mate, good work!

  • jake said:

    Definitely amazing.. my favourite!

  • André said:

    Muito bom!!!
    Parabéns, um rock prpgressivo ótimo,
    Fazia muito tempo que não ouvia algo tão bom,
    Excelentes tibres bem anos 70, otimos vocais.
    André from Brasil

  • Robbie said:

    Of yours songs this is my favorite. I really hope to hear more lie it when you release your album, hopefully I’ll have money to buy your album when you release it.

  • Ben said:

    im hearing a tiny bit of Opeth in the more minor parts

  • Lois said:

    really ??? you are so fucking great xD
    you don’t even need a band you are the band!
    you should have your own cd =( how many talent !

  • Alexis said:

    ah, just adorable!

  • Marianela said:

    Speechless…! This is awesome music, you certainly got talent. The very best!! Kisses from Argentina.

  • guy said:

    I think you are a terrific musician. Moreover I am amazed at how you can bring it all together electronically…I wish I could play as well as you…though I can play most of the instruments you use! My son knows Louis Abramson (both are drummers and both attended Midwood High School in Brooklyn). How did you get together with Louis?

    Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know you are creating a sensation in the US…keep it up.


  • scorpio(J-P) said:

    haven´t listened for but your videos rock.
    by the way if that name thing means real name it´s jukka-pekka
    J-P for short… scorpio is only my alter ego.
    one more thing i would like to know are you from UK(united kindom) or USA
    (united states of america)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Thanks everyone! :)

    guy: I don’t remember exactly how it happened. I think I was asking for drummers on YouTube, and he was the best one of the people who contacted me! Simple as that.

    scorpio(J-P): You should take a look at the info section. :) Thanks!

  • Dan K said:

    Well done, Fredrik! The arrangement and the way you played (with great drumming by Louis) paint a lovely picture with vivid, flowing colors. I wasn’t so focused on listening directly to the lyrics as the song just washed over me as a whole, but everything going on here served the song well.

    You’re right in that it’s not commercial, but it’s quality prog that, to your credit, doesn’t sound like my usual favorites in that genre: Rush, Yes, Porcupine Tree.

  • vincent palmieri said:

    ilove the prov sound the music im 55years old and listening to prog for a long long timei got hooked by yes in 1973. so i know a little well what i like.thearrangement is solid ,you are a very talented musisian, youe lyrics are —-young they need to mature along with your voice.i love complaited music you have solid foundation .i listened to all four songs i liked them all keep at it and you will be there in no time. i will buy your cdsthanks for listening to vinny the old hippy

  • Michael said:

    Fredde! Jag köpte din CD och jag tycker det är helt fantastiskt. Jag är inte svenska, jag använder bara Google Translator så det skulle vara lättare för dig att förstå. Min favoritlåt är definitivt “bredvid mig.” Detta och “Meltdown”. Jag har bara en fråga. På albumet, det gjorde du inte använda Louis Abramson är drumtrack. Jag undrade bara varför. Om du kunde svara på engelska för min skull, det vore bara bra.

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hi Michael! You really should have just written in English, because that’s MUCH easier to understand than flawed Swedish. :P

    I chose a Swedish drummer instead of Louis Abramson for several reasons. I’m not gonna go into all of them, but one of the reasons was that I felt it was nicer to play with someone who lives close to me.


  • Jorge said:


  • Tanya said:

    Hi, FG ))
    I am from Russia.
    I like your creativity though I have looked at only your three videos. Especially, where you play a piano. I dream to learn it since the childhood and very much I love such music.
    . I wish good luck and new ideas for new videos.
    Excuse if I write with errors. I speak English not so well ))

  • aykut said:

    perfect ending:)

  • Kathleen said:

    Fredde, you are the most most most awesome and amazing musician ive ever known!!! You know i really love the way you pay guitar and the way you sing. The way you look makes me fall in love and melts me.. I wanna meet u in personal Fredde… I always listen to youuuu.. Im from Philippines and a reply from you will be the best reply i would ever receive!!! Pleaaaase I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FREDDE!!!!! God bless you alwaysssss keeeepppp rockin :”> <3 <3 <3

  • scooter said:


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