Mega Man 9 Rock Medley

23 October 2008 10 comments

All the songs from the video game Mega Man 9, carefully rearranged into an epic 7-minute rock/metal medley!

This is the first of my videos that actually got some attention on the web! I don’t think I expected much, but it ended up on most big and small video game sites, both in forums and as articles. It’s funny how I thought it was a huge huge success, but these days, it’s one of my least viewed videos.


  • Dawson said:

    That was pretty cool man. So far i think I’ve seen almost all of your videos

  • Steve said:

    I stumbled across your site one late tonight. I have completely enjoyed the site, but the Mega Man 9 Rock Medley is awesome. Not only does it drum up nostalgia for the game, but this song rocks! I look forward to an album from you!

  • samuel k said:

    Är det du som spelar?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Yup, ungefär hälften. Andra hälften spelades av en kompis. :)

  • Doppar said:

    can you describe your process of writing a medley like mega man 9?

    do you record the rhythm guitar first and then go to the lead, or the other way around?

    and how to you come up with the chords?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Doppar: Well, I start by deciding what songs to play, and figure out what key they’re in, and what tempo. (If you practice a bit, you will learn that chords are actually even easier and simpler than the melodies, so it’s no problem to hear all of it with your own ears.) After that, I compare the songs, to find which ones would fit each other, so that the transitions would be as natural or clever as possible.
    After that, I start programming the drums, to get a “base” to record the rest on. This is to get the right feel and tempo, and length of things. Then I start recording things, and I usually do the leads last, because it’s better to do the “ground work” first. So: 1. Drums 2. Bass 3. Synth and guitar chords 4. Synth and guitar leads.

    That’s it!

  • Phellps Brasiliano said:

    well, I think this is my favorite of your videos, I have the MP3 on a CD and I hear everytime I can while driving to work.
    You should be proud that your music has crossed a lot of borders, you have fans even here in Brazil.

  • Phellps Brasiliano said:

    could you reupload the mp3?

  • Sthawy said:

    Im from mexico, so yeah borhters, and i would like to ge tthe mp3 as well if possible

  • Tom said:

    Once where a big fan of Dream Theater, you converted me to FreddeGredde!

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