The Star Song

6 October 2011 23 comments

A really sweet animated music video for the fourth track from Thirteen Eight.

This song has gone through lots of phases! First, it was in Swedish (called Rymdens Barn), and it was intended as an entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, but I never finished it in time. After that, I tried to find someone to help me with writing English lyrics for it, and I believe it was my friend Andi Buchanan who came up with the idea of doing something similar to the Super Mario Galaxy side-story. Maybe I’m ruining things now that I’m revealing that it’s indeed influenced by that, but meh!

Anyway, so I got some help from Andi, and also from Otto Olivera, and finally by the people in the FreddeGredde chat room! And I always felt that there should be an animated video for it, and I would have liked to do it myself, because I love animation, but I just didn’t have time for it. So I found this guy named Oscar Baldwin, and he did a great job with it!

Now, get my album! :D


  • urskus said:

    Pure awesomness. It’s like Super Mario Galaxy and The Little Prince combined :3

  • Camilla said:

    OMFG (That would be Oh my Fredde Gredde ;P). Just saw the video. Pure awesomeness :)
    This song has been one of my favorites from the cd, I sing it everyday, to myself, to my dog (Lame I know haha xD) it’s one of those songs who gets stuck on (in?) your brain… I’ve even catch my brother humming it a few times, and I don’t believe he has heard it, I mean sung by you :P

    Oh and it was most definitely worth the wait :) <3

  • capristarz said:

    Finally! :) i love the story! The video turned out great.

  • Clara said:

    Aww, that was so lovely and a bit sad too.Hm, here should I begin? I think the animator did a great job! The drawings are good and i liked the colors at the space part,it looks like something that came from a kid’s imagination.Oh, not to mention the Mario Galaxy’s references <3
    When i listened this song for the first time I remembered that side-story right away,ahaha so you didn't ruined the surprise for me, hehe :b (I really liked when I saw it on the game :) and maybe, that's the reason why this song was my favorite (right now is Meltdown))
    Ah, back then, while I was listening to the song I made a drawing and it looks A LOT like this scene: 0:49
    Wow, I'm talking too much ahaha, anyways my point is: The animation and the music are both great :D really liked it <3

  • Clara said:

    Oh, and did you know that, the clip it’s on and it’s already today’s second best? So cool :D (ok, now i’m gonna stop talking ahaha)

  • kjhovey said:

    Sweet video. Like everyone else is saying, it’s pure win that it has Galaxy references.

  • BigLord said:

    The video itself is amazing. Great animation! And the song is really catchy and gets to you.


    Fans of SMG will love it, I’m sure. You should state it’s an official parody of Super Mario Galaxy, otherwise people will get snarky and/or rude about the video.

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    It’s really not a parody though, since it’s not supposed to make fun of it. It’s just inspired by it, and “homage”, and well, I did write in this description that it was, so I don’t know what more people expect. :)

  • Nando said:

    la canzone è grandiosa! spero che un giorno possa vedere uno dei tuoi cd anche qui in italia. Se cosi fosse li comprerei subito.
    Ottimo lavoro Fredde!

  • Link said:

    It’s just so cute. I love the cameo of Alien in it.

  • Stefan said:

    Like the song, like the tone of the music video, like the visuals. Lot’s of like going on here:)

  • Andi said:

    Yay! This turned out great!

  • Marcelo said:

    Thanks for a most beautiful song Fredde…. the vocal mix on this one is top notch, never heard about SMG, so for me this one is like novelty… cheers!!

  • Camilla said:

    I totally thought of the star song tonight when I saw the meteor shower that was n__n :)

  • LadyLane said:

    Such a nice song.

  • тома said:

    просто класс

  • Emma said:

    Du har en väldigt fin röst =)

  • Caroline said:

    First time i heard this song, i cried..
    Ït is so beautiful.. ^_^

  • Karen G said:

    Just wanted to say hi from New England in the United States (Vermont to be more specific but no one really knows where that is :P ) and to tell you that I first found you via a friend on Facebook that I work with. Originally it was for your cartoon medley but then (( now this is going to sound horribly cheesy coming from a 25 year old)) *sigh* you did this smile/smirk while singing and I just found you incredibly cute. SO! I Had to go and find other video’s/ song’s that you’ve done. Came across this one and I must say that I just can’t get enough of it. It’s sad, but cute. I think I’ve shared it a few dozen times, sang it while getting ready in the morning for almost 3 weeks, and have even started singing/humming it at work randomly.

    Anyway!!! *faceplam* That was me saying hi, and that I find you cute *blush*, and that your music is really good. :P

    Toodles! – Karen

  • Irene said:

    I just typed up lyrics for Little Star by Fredde since I couldn’t find any online with a quick search. Here they are in case anyone sees this and would like them!

    There once was a girl
    Who found a spaceship
    Rusted and busted
    Lost on a spacetrip
    Inside there was a star who said “I’m sad
    I can’t find my mom, she’s all I had”

    Little Star – Together you and I
    Little Star – We’ll search across the sky
    Little Star – There’s no need to grieve
    Little Star – I will never leave

    They worked on the ship till it was ready
    Packed up then launched it stable and steady
    Everywhere were wonders to behold
    Games to pass the time and stories told

    Little Star – Radiant and sweet
    Little Star – Each moment is a treat
    Soaring far -A comet we will ride
    Little Star – Glowing by my side

    One night in a dream the girl saw her mother
    She said they’d always love one another
    “No matter where you go, together we’ll be
    Mother’s here with you eternally”

    Little Star said “Tell me why you’re sad”
    Little Star: “What’s the dream you had?”
    Traveling far – We can make believe
    Little Star said “I will never leave”

    The girl and her star happy as can be
    Soon find more star friends and form a family
    No longer are they searching, forced to roam
    On their little spaceship they made a home

    Little Star – I wish all this were true
    Little Star – How I think of you
    Little Star – Are you all alone?
    Little star – Ahh…

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Thanks Irene. :) You can find the lyrics on bandcamp though. Anyway, I fixed the few places you were not sure! “Forced to roam”, hehe.

  • Willy said:

    Dear Fredde

    Wow, truly amazing,

    I don’t even know where to start. This song was so touching and you have a dare I say, stellar talent! I know it was about a girl and her learning to deal with the loss of her mother but it really struck a chord with me. Two and a half years ago, my brother died in a horrible plane crash on father’s day, and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. Music was also a huge part of his life, almost as much as his love for flying. He’d spend hours playing Everlong by the foo fighters, and Blackbird of course by the beatles but he liked the Jeff Buckley version best.

    When he died, and I was going through the early stages of grief I relied a lot on music, and my own creativity through writing. You’ve got an amazing gift my friend, you can write and evoke beautiful emotions and deliver very soulfull stories…This song means so much to me, I shall think of my brother when I hear this song. I know if I played it for my mom she’d feel the same, as though my brother was the “little star” up there shining down on us. Ironically enough, in trying to find my faith again, I settled on stargazing every morning before work (I work at 3am so it’s very dark here when I leave) and for a moment only a moment I’d look up and feel I was talking to him….no words, nothing verbal just hope that I was connecting with him as I looked up at those stars, it was in the sky he felt most at home.

    All that being said, thank you for this song…the story is magnificent, the animation beautiful and the lyrics so moving, I truly cried buckets over this, nothings helped me connect more to how I feel about losing him than your gorgeous song here.

    Best of luck in your endeavours,


  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Aww Willy, your story was touching too. :( Thank you!

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