The Wayfarer

27 October 2009 10 comments

A short and soft guitar ballad, composed by me. Lyrics are written by Beth Brandon.

This is just a short and simple song I composed and recorded because my big project “Vampire Bride” got delayed all the time. I didn’t expect much, and it didn’t get that many views either. But, I’ve gotten many positive comments about it, and it was really nice to know that people enjoyed my original music!

A longer version of this song can be find on my album Thirteen Eight!

The wayfarer travels there
Through the night and day he finds his way
Always searches for an answer
Never ends this searching endeavor

In the dark of the night
Only I hear his plight
And only as the rain plunges down
will he rest his tired feet
‘Cause he’s the wayfarer
Always looking for her


  • anon said:

    always love your originals, keep up the great work!

  • Miranda said:

    That is soooo pretty!

  • Cindi Loo Hoo said:

    Came across you a week ago on YouTube. My 3 boys love your many songs – both silly and original. This is my favorite. You are so stinkin’ talented! I need a CD so I can listen all the time. Keep on, my friend… :)

  • Rita said:


    Listening to this music is almoust always the last thing I do before shutting down the PC (though I don’t use it that much :b)

    Keep playing, keep singing, keep inspiryng

  • Dan K said:

    That’s some immaculate guitar playing, and a lovely signature you’re doing. Fantastic work!

  • Anarella said:

    This is my favourite song from you, can’t wait to hear the longer version on the album!

  • LOla said:

    Seriously…I’m not kidding. You are amazing. YOu would be so famous here in America! You have the sound AND the looks! I hope you keep doing what you are doing and get “discovered” if you aren’t already! I LOVE your voice!!

  • JoeyScarberry said:

    This one is my favorite of all of them.

  • Arcana Rune said:

    Simply amazing.

  • Ravii said:

    So amazing! i wish i could hug you right now! :)

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