Video Game Songs With Lyrics

22 October 2010 19 comments

I’ve only had time to write down the chords for this one, but I usually just finger-pick the chords, starting with the bass note and play a random pattern.

Am                            G6
Now, Journey across a spooky land
You hold in your hand
a sword that shoots laser beams
Won't you feel like a man
dressed up like Peter Pan
      B7                       E
on a quest greater than your dreams
           Em                Emadd9
Than your dreams, than your dreams
fleemy geemy deemy

Em           A
Super Mario RPG
      G                    A      D
The game is the only one just for me
When I play the game, I get lost in a phase
 D                                  Bm
Then I find out I'm stuck in Geno's Maze

     Em                  A
The theme song from the Dark World
It's a dark place
That's menacing
     Em A/E Bm7/E A/E
And dark (really dark)

  C                           Fm                 C/E
Shapes made of four colored blocks like a T or a box
Come down like falling bricks
Bbm                    Fm                   C
You can place them in rows, but everybody knows
That they made this game for chicks
 Fm        C         Fm        C
Your mom loves it - Mine does too
 Fm      C       Fm               C
Call me sexist, bitch it's still true
(just kidding)

Am                      G
Bike - Nigga stole my bike
Nigga stole my bike
Nigga stole my bike

F#m        E6
I am Mega Man
      B7       D
I'm blue and cyan
      F#m           F#m/E
The creation of Dr. Light
or "Right" if you are from Japan
               D   E
Also known as Rockman
F#m                F#m/E
My Mega Buster can cut the mustard
 Bm               C#7    E   F#m
I'm a flustered amputee POW POW!
Eight robot bosses in eight levels
dishevel and revel in devilry,
 C#                     C#7
I'll steal their weaponry

F# E x563463462
Final Fantasy is an RPG
The only one that I need
It's the Rpg for me!
Final Fantasy is all that I play
All other games are lame
It puts them all to shame!
G#m C# F# x3   
I only play games that are popular
I only buy the games the magazines tell me to buy!
That way I know I get good games for sure
   E                          G#m           C#sus2 C#
I may have a shallow mind, but you can kiss my be - hind

Punch punch falcon punch
G#m               D#m
Fa fa-fa-falcon punch punch punch
Punch punch falcon punch
      G#m   A#m   D#m  A#  D#
Pa-pa-pa pa pa pa Fal-con Punch!


  • Catherine said:

    Yeah! Maintenant je vais pouvoir le chanter à tue-tête chez moi tout en la jouant xD

    Yeah! Now I’ll can singing that at my home while I’ll play xD

    Humm… Thank you Fredrik =D

  • Hayate said:

    Grave ! Merci beaucoup, super medley, continue !

    Thank you very much for this awesome medley ! Continue !

  • Ada said:

    I like it. :)

  • Tomas said:

    This is great, i love your music. Will there ever be tabs though?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Tomas: Tabs? Probably not. It’s really the chords that matter, and the patterns I play are quite random. You should be able to come up with your own way of playing, or using your ear! :) Thanks though!

  • Sondre Fagernes said:

    Hey, when you play dark world theme you play down to 8 band and I dont seem to get what your playing and it all sounds wrong on my guitar

    I wonder if you could give me some tabs or anything on what you do : 3

    Hei svensken! En Norsk en her :D

    Jeg lurer på om du kunne gi noen få småe tabs på hva jeg skal gjøre for å få den epice lyden du lager på slutten av dark world theme please. :3

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Sondre: It’s the chords that I mention here. :) Em A/E Bm7/E A/E. You do know how to take an Em on the 7th bar, right? It’s played like an “Am”. And then it’s the A/E, also on the 7th bar. It’s played like a D. Then Bm7/E, played like an F#m7. The final chord, A/E, I play like a normal A, but on the 12th bar.

  • Sondre Fagernes said:

    Thanks for the help !
    And please continue with the great work, you are an truly epic guitar player and I love your work so far! :D

  • Jason said:

    Thanks for posting this, man. And thanks for introducing me to brentalfloss.

  • Artem Isakov said:

    Hi Fredde! Why do not you make a video teaching how to play guitar. And 2 more questions: Do you play rock or something in that spirit? How many years have you singing, and how many years you play guitar? Sorry for bad English. Greetings from Russia!

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Artem Isakov: Hello! All of those questions are already answered everywhere on the website, mostly in the F.A.Q., and the info. :) I haven’t made a guitar tutorial yet because I don’t feel like it, but I probably will some day.

  • Met said:

    Hi Freddie
    Ehm.. What finger-style pattern you use for Nigga Stole my bike? xD

    bye from Italian Fan

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Met: Hello! Listen or watch, it’s just very very simple and doesn’t even matter. :P I think I just played the strings downwards, one after another. “E B G D E B G D E B G D E B G D” and so on. And of course playing the root note at the beginning of each chord as well.

  • T4sh0 said:

    The Megaman piece is fking killer.. Keep on ! Greetings form Argentina.

  • Adam said:

    Hey Fredde! Just want to say you are an epic guitar player and I laughed so hard on ‘nigga stole my bike’ xD i wish i had even a quarter of your talent. greetings from the UK

  • Caleb said:

    Hey I’ve only Ever gotten one year of teaching and the last 3 have been me teaching myself, and I gotta say I suck, is it possible to maybe make a video showing people who are “new” to guitar how to play these?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Caleb: People have asked for a tutorial on how to play songs, and I’ve said that I will some day, but I don’t know.. I’m having difficulties doing things I don’t actually want. :P Because there’s nothing artistic about making a tutorial.

    But really, start with one of the other songs on my website, like The Cartoon Medley or any that is written out in tabs. Then it’s much easier to follow exactly how to play, and then you can learn some standard patterns to use for all other songs. (So what you need to read up on is tabs and chords.)

    Good luck!

  • Amanda said:

    Tack Fredde! =) Det hjälpte mig verkligen mer än att bara titta på videon!!!

    Thanks Fredde! =) It really helped me alot more than just watching the video!!!

  • Niks said:


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