Diffidence (Toxic Melons feat. FreddeGredde)

5 November 2012 7 comments

A music video for an original song by Toxic Melons, with vocals performed by me.

This is the clown video I mentioned a few months ago! This English musician, Paul, asked me if I was interested in recording vocals for one of his songs, and since I liked the demo, I said yes. I also filmed some video footage of myself dressed as a clown, not really knowing what the final result would be. But now I finally know! :D

So yeah, this is really Paul’s project (and the video is edited by an Ed Stockham), but I’m featured in it, so, I hope you’ll like it!


  • pinja said:

    I like it :-)

  • Shelley Maguire said:

    That was cool!! I liked the words and the vocals!! The video was intresting, definatly a different way of doing a song like that!! Thanks for sharing that with us!! Btw what was that kinda gutiar you were using????

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Shelley: It’s the same cheap guitar I’m always using, a Valencia CG180CE. It actually is my guitar that is heard in the video, but they changed the sound to it a lot when mixing, so.. Doesn’t really sound like my guitar anymore, hehe.

  • Shelley Maguire said:

    Thanks! I like this. It was awesome

  • Eudniz Ferreira said:

    Great job! We miss your videos.

  • Rotter said:

    Love your videos!

  • Valya said:

    Hi, I live in Ukraine, and I want to tell you that in our country you are very popular, you are wonderful singing and playing musical instruments, Thank you for your work!

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