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27 November 2013 17 comments

Wow, a year has passed already, but it feels like a month or two. Either way, I have to tell you that my projects (new album and a classical medley) will be delayed a few months, because life is life and stuff happens.

I figured I could share a bit of information though, and let you know that I’m totally alive. (I’ve seen some stupid rumors online..)

So, here’s a first draft for the album cover:
Brighter Skies cover draft
The track listing will be as follows:
1. Welcome the Bright Skies (5:45)
2. The Autotelic Self (11:04)
3. Your Life (2:59)
4. This Fragile Existence (5:49)
5. The Tower (8:20)
6. Shining (4:01)
7. Ocean Mind (18:24)

Basically, it’s a progressive rock album, not gonna lie! Plenty of crazy ideas, odd time signatures, heavy contrasts, everything I personally like with music. :)
But it’s not gonna be for everyone. That’s why I’ll also release The Classical Medley around the same time, which will be more in line with what most expect from me! And it’s my most ambitious medley yet, and hopefully the best.
I’d say it’s likely they’ll both be released around.. early March. (Edit: Make that May… New edit: Make that June! Final edit: Wooo, July 14th it is!)

So yeah, please look forward to that, and have some happy holidays!


  • Chris said:

    Bummer, was hoping for a new album before christmas, but hey I can wait! :) Make it the best you can, i’m still listening to 13/8 and loving it!

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Thanks Chris, I appreciate it! :)

  • sillybell said:

    I really like the album art draft! Did you make it yourself?

  • Shukakuu said:

    Greetings from Poland ! I can’t wait to listen this album :D

  • Oscar Skaget said:

    I am soooo exited for this :D
    LOVED 13/8 just brilliant, and now a new album! man you work hard. Really appropriate all your effort to make this awesome music that I get to enjoy :)
    Gleder meg til å høre det nye albumet Fredrik :D

  • Christopher said:

    I’m super excited I am glad you are finally making the jump to making a completely progressive album; It honestly feels like that was the next natural step for your music given the fact that all of your longer and more progressive songs on your previous album were by far the best in my opinion.

    Keep spreading the love through your fantastic musicianship and I look forward to buying your next album!

  • Robin said:

    Yeeeees! Can’t wait!

  • Rick Smith said:

    Hey Fredde, so glad you are back. Can’t wait to hear the new tracks. I’m sure they will be as great as usual.

  • Axel said:

    You didn’t lie. The song “Longtrack” is even longer than “Time Will Tell!” Simply can’t wait! Plus, that album art is awesome.

  • Denden said:

    I wish you would continue to post random, miscellaneous videos on your secondary YouTube account, Freddegreddet. Really enjoyed them :)

  • Michail said:

    I waited to hear long and now they have come=)

  • Mattyice said:

    Just wanted to thank you for the update. I’ve been checking here frequently for news on the next album. I love your style of music, as well as your last album. It’s very inspiring to hear such talent from someone I started watching on youtube. Please keep up the deep style of progression music, and best of luck on the next release. I’ll be buying for sure.

  • Utka said:

    Great to hear from you! We will be waiting for that treasure as long as nessesary:-) Good luck, Fredde!

  • Ty coul said:

    Can’t wait for your new album. I listen to 13/8 all the time and every time I hit my studio to draw inspiration for songwriting I play it. Your music contains everything I look for in a song, and it is refreshing to see that there are more people out there who enjoy the kind of stuff I listen to.
    Best of luck with recording


  • Jeff said:

    Sure glad to have a message from you! I hope this past year has been rewarding for you. Can’t wait to hear the goodies you’ve produced!

    Cheers, Pal….have a marvelous time along the way…

  • fyaopo said:

    13/8 was incredible. One of the only albums I’ve ever bought off Itunes. I have high expectations for this next album. Good luck, can’t wait!

  • Nipsy Trend said:

    OMG Fredde you are back (somehow haha). I totally miss your videos and posts. You are extremely talented and the world is missing out on you :) 13 – 8 was awesome and I can’t for the new album and medley dude. Much love from Atlanta GA USA!

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