Album Release in May 2017

11 December 2016 2 comments

Good news: My new album Eyes on the Edge is basically ready to be released!
freddegredde eyes on the edge album
Bad news: For reasons too long to explain (but basically: With the current youtube network I’m on, I can’t monetize covers), I have decided to postpone everything; the album, the new music videos, the marketing plan, until April-May.
It just seems like a dumb idea to post videos I’ve worked on a lot, without getting any money from them. The contract with my current network expires in april, so after THAT, I’m good to go!

The good thing about this, perhaps, is that I have a few more months to prepare everything, make even more videos, and make sure that April-May-June will be packed with new content. :)

Thanks for your patience!


  • Sebastian said:

    Looking great!!

    I’m sad to see there isn’t a ”long song” on this album, like Time will tell or Ocean mind. Songs of your previous releases. (Those were some om my favorites^^)

    But hey, with the share volume of this many songs on one album, it will truly make up for it!


  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Thanks Sebastian!

    Yeah, this is a more accessible album, only traditional “songs” and no prog epics. :D I went full on “complex inaccessible music” with my previous album, and this time I’m doing the opposite, with all “mainstreamy” songs. But hopefully still unique enough to be interesting.

    I hope you all will like it!

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