Bye for now

13 December 2012 16 comments

Happy holidays and such!

I’ve decided not to post any new updates or videos until my next album is finished. So, don’t expect to see anything new from me until late 2013 or so.

Until then, take care!

(I will still be hanging around in the chatroom though, if you want to talk.)


  • Leonie said:

    ohhhhhh.. missed you already

  • Lokuma said:

    Nooo! Come back, please!

  • Golfimbul said:

    Until your next album is finished? Well, at least that means there would be another one! This is awesome. I sure hope it will be a concept album, as you once said it might be. Good luck in your work!

  • Oscar Skaget said:

    good to see you focusing on the new album :D

  • Honeybeard said:

    *LATE* 2013?!

  • Nipsy Trend said:

    Awwh!! Hope all is well. Kinda miss your videos and post actually. But am stoked you have a new album coming! Have a great holiday! Love you!!:)

  • blaxpo said:

    Darn Im gonna miss your posts but cant wait for your new album! Good Luck:)

  • Kennedy said:


  • Kyle said:

    I plan on buying your next album, for sure!

  • Irina said:

    ahahah for what did you write, that you will hang around in the chatroom, if you don’t? Don’t want to talk with funs? ;DD

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Thanks everyone. :)

    Irina: Hmmmm, what? :P I do hang out in the chatroom very often!

  • Shelley Maguire said:

    when you going to have more songs?? because it is late 2013 :p haha jkjk just wondering since I love your music soooo much

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hmmm, like, December, or possibly January or February. :/ Sorry! But thanks!

  • Randy said:

    Please come back I love your songs soooo much!

  • Niran said:

    ohh i thought why there aren’t any new videos on your youtube channel. any way good luck for your new album. hope to see you back soon.

  • Hugh Somerville-Knapman said:

    Fredde, you are keeping to your word! So quiet. I hope it has been a productive time for you. We all look forward to your dazzling return!


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