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28 December 2011 9 comments

These are now the five designs available in my shop! (The European Shop for Europeans, and the American Shop for the rest.)
You can choose between lots of colors for each design, and there are also other types of products to buy!

And remember that it’s free shipping until January 2. :)

Here are the results for the design contest!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take Moritz‘s votes seriously, because 56 of his 86 votes were from the same internet host, so even though it’s possible that he didn’t cheat, all the other entries had votes spread out evenly from all over the world.
Also, only one person except for himself voted on it in the comment box to the voting post. Finally, we decided that hand-drawn designs didn’t work too well on T-shirts. So there you go!

Thanks for all the people contribution though, and congratulations to Isabell and Urszula! :) I’ll contact you via email so that you can choose prizes.


  • urskus said:

    I’m not sure if my design looks beter on the black or green t-shirt, but yellow is also very well :)
    Congrats to everyone for doing a great job with your entries. Thank you guys for voting on my project, now I’m absolutely over the moon, because you made me a winner in tandem with Isabell!! :D
    After all, Moritz’s disqualification makes me a bit sad :( However, that was the only right way to defeat cheating.

    PS. I think “Urszula” sound too formal, I prefer calling me Ula or just by my nickname – urskus ;)

  • Camilla said:

    Congratulation to the winners :D

    If it wasn’t for you Fredde would I be the thirdplace? :)
    (Just so I can brag about it)

  • Moritz Number 7 said:

    no problem :D votings weren’t from me, they were from friends in my hometown and all around who voted for me. But hey i#m not a bad looser :)
    Congratulation to the winners :) good work

  • Enock Boheme said:

    Urszula’s design is really great, deserves the first place! Congratulations to you and Isabell!

  • isabell said:

    Congratz to Urskus :) Pretty good results :)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Moritz: It’s good to hear that you’re not mad about the decision. :)

  • Camilla said:

    I wanted to wish you Happy new year, and waited to see if you were going to make a post, but couldn’t wait any longer. So Happy new year, hope it’s filled with many videos and medleys :P
    kram <3 :)

  • LadyLane said:

    Hopefully Nintendo can’t dig up any sort of legal action due to the images in the t-shirt and that you’ll be making money out of it.
    Very cool though

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Happy new year, Camilla, and everyone else! :) And yeah, sorry, I wasn’t at home, so I didn’t think of updating.

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