T-shirt Design Voting!

26 December 2011 26 comments

You can now vote on up to 3 of these designs, in the poll to the right. The poll will be closed in 48 hours, so make sure to vote before then! :)
The best designs will be available in the shop, and the shipping will be free for everyone until January 2.

(I’ve also included my old designs, just to see if they should be kept or not.)

1. Camilla’s FreddeGredde Star                                    2. Isabell’s Jumping Fredde









3. Patty’s Jumping Fredde                                                    4. Millie’s Drawing









5. Urszula’s Nintendo FreddeGredde                                                  6. MissDomino’s Little Star









7. Moritz’s Drawing                                                        8. FreddeGredde Couch



9. Plain FG Logo                                           10. Thirteen Eight Artwork









Oh, and it is possible to cheat, but the purpose is to see which one is the most popular without cheating, so don’t, okay? ^^


  • ida said:

    number 2!

  • Julia Greco said:

    number 8!

  • Kit said:

    I vote for BOTH the Jumping Freddes, and the FreddeGredde couch (it should definitely be kept).

  • Dennis said:

    I’d say 10 :)

  • Gina said:

    They’re all wonderful! :>

  • Enock Boheme said:

    Number 8 is cool!

  • rick said:


  • Darja said:

    Number 1 and 3 :)

  • Jessica said:

    I like #10 the best. The colors and scene are so nice.

  • Moritz Number 7 said:

    Am i wrong by saying that you even can buy number 8, 9 and 10?
    So why voting for them? Vote for 7 :D

  • Jenny said:

    I like 1 the best :)

  • Meroigo said:


  • Mandy said:

    They are all great! But # 9 and 10 are the best!

  • laetitia said:

    I like #2 and #7 ! :)

  • Fanni said:

    number 8!!! the best :)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Moritz: Well, I included my own designs to see if people actually like them. I will still give a prize to the winning entry EXCLUDING my own ones. ;)

  • Fox said:

    2!! Lätt nummer 2.. :)

  • Paulina said:


  • John J said:

    Jag säger nummer 9. Stilrenhet är underskattat!

  • Moritz Number 7 said:

    oh ok fredde :D now i understand

  • Aya said:

    Number 9

  • isabell said:

    I really really like number 5. Urszula’s Nintendo FreddeGredde!

  • Jaren said:

    #5 !!! I also like 7 and 8.

  • DOL@R said:

    I like number 9 and 10. It’s cool!:)

  • Isabella said:

    I really like the number 8 is very pretty and cool.

  • Sebbe said:

    First #8. Second #2.


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