The Wayfarer (Tabs)

22 December 2009 11 comments





  • A said:

    heheh. Coooooool dude.. Nice and batty.. But yeahh — i like the strings u ussiinnn
    and original songs.. Cheers
    No i didnt use your tabs. :) cant read them.. No not blind.. Tho interesting enough.. It raises wayyy many question s..
    Something other than U tube response.. and batty.. nuts. whatever.. Oh-ohhh. I’ve written to much.. this may look insaine.. Tho i guess you found that life is pretty cool with music.. learning about people and sheeeeeeeeeeeet and stuff that’s importttaint.. best left unsaid. Or that chord just before the cry song. that you made.. that was nice.. .. oh the chord..
    Was that what you play’d the very first time you heard it? as in.. It natually was play’d on your behalf? Like you hear a grand piano, or a massive lovely sound, that makes you sway, and get into the groove and go hey!hey!!!!?

    yeahh– youtube scares me

  • A said:

    Dont ya hate it.

    When it sends the post..

    In another Window? and posts here .. random? like?

    .. haha

    Oh well


  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    I’m having a hard time following your messages, dude. :P Try again!

  • Darrick said:

    Thanks for the The Wayfarer Fredrick. It’s a beautiful piece of music and an honor to receive the tab. It reminds me of when i was in love when i was 27.


  • pablo said:

    Friend, I am charmed with beautiful creation your voice and your musical style, I touch the guitar, like your, but in the tabs …. this one 100 % written since you her touch in the video, make to him a rare position for the first part not do it as,
    A greeting write to me to my e-mail

    It continues with the good music

  • Joseph said:

    i really like this song and the tabs thank you for them :) im glad to learn it

  • Emma Vestergaard said:

    Jag ska verkligen lära mig den här! den är så himla fin :)
    Helt otroligt att jag aldrig tröttnar på den här och beside me. Jag lyssnade ändå på dem varje dag i flera månader ^^

  • hampus said:

    fredde har du mycket fritid? , älskar allt du gör och denna låten är så stört fin håller på att lära mig den nu’! :D

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    hampus: Det beror på vad som räknas som fritid. :P Men njae, hmm.. Lagom mycket!

    Tack! :)

  • Maya said:

    Sorry Fredde but I can’t read guitar tabs because I don’t know how to play guitar ): is there any way to access chords or sheet music to this song so I can play this on piano? (:

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Sorry Maya, but there’s no such thing. YET! I can ask a friend to make sheet music for it. :D Come back in a couple of days!

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