Wind Waker Unplugged

24 December 2008 40 comments

Music from the video game “The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker”, performed on several acoustic instruments in a split-screen video.

This video has a kind of funny story. I inherited the accordion a few months before making this video, and got the tin whistle around the same time, but I had not been using either for anything. I was completely into rock music at that time. But, I felt that I didn’t want them just lying there, so I tried to figure out a song that could use both instruments. And I came to think about those two instruments in Wind Waker, and decided to do something with it.
I was gonna add keyboards as the arrangement at first, but felt that it would be nicer to only use acoustic/real instruments, so that’s why I had to improvise with glasses, pots and pans, to get all the sounds needed.

The video became my greatest success at the time, and was the highest rated video on YouTube for a month or two, which was amazing. (And most people approved of my vocals, which I was a bit scary, because I had not been singing “in public” before!)

Song order:
0:04 Medli’s Prayer (part of the opening theme)
0:21 Makar’s Prayer (also part of the opening theme)
0:40 Medli’s Prayer again
0:52 Aryll’s Theme + Makar’s Prayer
1:04 Overworld (Ocean Theme)
1:28 Zelda’s Lullaby
1:34 Dark World (A Link to the Past)
1:44 Aryll’s Theme + Medli’s Prayer
1:56 Aryll’s Theme + Makar’s Prayer + Zelda’s Lullaby
2:08 An arrangement of the original Zelda Overworld theme

Most of these songs were already included in a medley at the end of the game though. (The Staff Credits music.)

Download the MP3 for free or for as much as you want!


  • Jennelle O. said:

    My daughter Mallory is 7 years old and she has me play this for her all the time. She even wanted to make music from glasses like you. Thanks for the inspiration. Love your new website. Good luck on the album!

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Thanks! Be careful so she doesn’t break any glasses. :D

  • Léo said:

    Just beutyfull … My Favorite video .
    sometimes I just turn the video on to listen..while doing anything…Congrats and keep doing wonderfull stuff like this! =D
    PS: Theres a lot of Zelda songs …think about more videos like this ^^

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Thanks. :) And well, the thing is that I like doing *new* things. And doing “wind waker unplugged” again, but with different Zelda songs, would be.. I don’t know, boring? Even though it might sound nice, it gets repetitive for me. :)

  • Léo said:

    Noo …well u got a point=\ . But im talking about musics like the theme from gerudo valley, kakariko village, Zora Domain …well theres a lot of themes ..from ocarina of time …i just said coz i like zelda.

  • Léo said:

    well lets reformulate….Make more “Video Game Soundtrack” videos ^^.
    Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid, etc. I would like .

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hehe, okay! Well yes, I will one day. :P But probably not this year.. Well maybe in the winter.

  • anon said:

    i think not necessarily game theme, but more unplugged type videos would be very cool.

  • Russel said:

    This is the first video I ever saw of you and I was absolutely blown away. I’ve never played The Wind Waker, but being a Legend of Zelda fan this became and remains one of my favourite videos of all time. It got me started on your channel, and of course I started to watch your other stuff like the TV Theme Medley, etc. which are all just phenomenal. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done on all of your videos, and good luck on your album. I’ll definitely be buying it!

  • Rebeca said:

    Hi, Fredde!!

    You are awesome!! I love music and I love Zelda’s world. When I saw your video I thought that was the perfect combination. Can I have a MP3 from your medley work, please? I love your incredible talent.

    I enjoyed your other videos too, specially, cartoon’s medley. You are a perfect musician.Good look on your album ^___^.

    I am from Spain, and my english could be wrong, sorry.

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    I’ll see what I can do! Thanks. ^^

  • Dawson said:

    That was amazing! How many instruments can you play?! I saw at least 20 different screens with you doing different things. That was awesome and i hope to see you in even more videos.

    Also, I used to play Zelda a lot, and I still kind of do, but i have to say, Wind Waker is my favorite game.

    You are very talented :)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Thanks! :) Honestly there’s a difference between “can play” and “can play”. I mean, the only instruments I can just pick up and play are guitars and keyboards. With accordion or flutes, I have to practice for a while each time I’m going to play, to learn how to play it. And everyone can hit on different pans and percussions. :D

  • Michael★ said:

    Thank you

  • Olav said:

    Have you seen that Skyrim literal trailer on youtube? It would have been cool if you made a video kinda like that :D

  • kalivan said:

    I love I love I love !!!! vrey good song :D you are an artist ! continue !!!

  • Robert said:

    Also you should think about doing mario songs, or maybe star wars…

  • fredy mata said:

    esta muy bueno tu viedeo tienes mucho talento k ya eres reconocido mundialmente saludos !!!! y VIVA MEXICO CA……NIJOS JAJAJAJAJA

  • Chris said:

    I love this rendition, though I have not (sadly, or so I have heard) played any game in the Zelda series…yet.
    On a related note, would it be possible for you to reupload the mp3 file, please?

  • Alejandro Forero said:

    apology but a question. As you play that flute called the Christmas hat.
    very good video thanks

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Alejandro: It’s a tin whistle. :) Thanks!

  • Alejandro Forero said:

    Thank you. excellent video are a great inspiration, that motivates me to
    to be a musician even with glasses (greetings from Colombia)

  • yosja said:

    thank’s to you i play guitar.
    and you have a great inpakt on my life.
    my dream is so to meet you get a guitar lesson from you

  • Hannah said:

    Hello =]

    Enjoyed the video very much!

    2 questions if you don’t mind answering: 1. Which tin whistle do you have? and 2. Don’t suppose you could tell me where you got a hold of the music/tabs for the tin whistle part or even be so kind as the post them on here?

    I’d appreciate it very much as I would like to take inspiration from your good self and learn to play Windwaker.

    Thank you,
    Hannah x

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hi Hannah!
    1. It’s one by Clarke, I don’t remember the name of it or anything.
    2. I don’t use music/tabs, sorry. :) I figure things out on my own. But, my tip for anyone who wants to play video game music is to download MIDI versions of songs, and then open them in a midi editor, to see exactly what notes are being played.

    Good luck, and thanks! ^^

  • Hannah said:


    Fair enough, mine is a Clarke too and judging by the fact that they look exactly the same I’d recommend yours could be a Sweetone D as well.

    Kudos on working out the music on you own, but not very helpful! Heh =] Thanks for the tip, I’ll try my best not to fail miserably.

    Thanks for the help,
    Hannah x

  • Krân said:

    Bravo tu est vraiment très doué je suis très impressionner , ton talent est arriver jusqu’en france ;)

  • Catherine said:

    OOh au Canada aussi :D Un mot… MAGNIFIQUE!!

    OOh Canada’s too! :D One word… BEAUTIFUL!!

  • Ronan said:

    I really love this song, and the way you played it is really beautiful…
    Would it be possible to re-upload the mp3…?

  • Brenton said:

    Beautiful, just amazing dude. What type of flute do you use? Oh, and what type of accordion?

  • Yotam said:

    This video could just as well be called Medli’s Medley!
    And of course, it’s awesome, and this is where I know your music from.

  • Ryan said:

    I think it would be amazing if you did another medley of another zelda game, perhaps ocarina of time? I just started playing wind waker and thought this was amazing and want to see more.

  • Mark said:

    Hey there,

    Have loved your video and shared it since it was posted. I’m trying to work out what you’re doing on the guitar – is there a specific tuning you’re using? Can’t seem to figure it. Thanks!

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Hey Mark, thanks!

    Nah, I always use the standard tuning. Hmmm.. I think I’ve written down the intro tabs somewhere on my website anyway, but I don’t remember where..
    Anyway, it’s just a C# played on the 9th fret.

  • Devon said:

    Hey! I watched your video. IT WAS GREAT! I was thinking of trying something like this on a smaller scale with just vocals. I was wondering how you did the different sections of the screen. Any help/programs would be great. Awesome video again!

  • Alexandria said:

    I want to learn how to play the accordion now. How complex is it to play?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Alexandria: I’d say it’s difficult (but maybe not complex exactly), especially to play the chords with your left hand. You can’t see anything, so you have to rely on feeling your way to the right buttons, and they’re ordered in an unusual way. So, you just have to memorize and learn where they are, and find the right distance. :) Other than that, it’s not really harder than most other instruments.

    Thanks! ^^

  • Thesius said:

    Hi Mr.Fredde. I am a fan of yours since 2011, when i was freshman.
    Now i am about to graduate, and me and my company want to play your zelda : wind waker unplugged at the graduation ceremony. It would be great honor if you can send me a sheet music so I can play your music at our college graduation. Even the little piece – guitar, pipe, choir, or anything – just a sheet music of any part would work for me.
    Please, would you send me the sheet music of wind waker unplugged? :>

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Sorry Thesius, I don’t have any sheet music! It shouldn’t be too hard for you guys to figure it out on your own though, when you’re musicians and all. :)

  • Thesius said:

    thanks for answering so early. Then May I ask just a one question? I wonder which note that tin whistle begin with- Mi or Do ?

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