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This is where you can buy a signed copy of my debut album Thirteen Eight. When ordering it at the bottom of this page, I will send it within 24 hours of purchase, and it will arrive within 1-2 weeks worldwide.

You can also buy the digital version on iTunes, Bandcamp or (preferably) my own shop and get it right away!
(If you want an unsigned CD, you can get it in stores in the US, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, France, Italy, Argentina and Japan, but I can’t say exactly what stores. Ask your local music store! You can also order it on White Knight Record’s website.)

What you are buying:
- 70+ minutes of original music, all performed by FreddeGredde (Drums by David Schlein)
- Songs ranging from soft guitar/piano ballads to prog rock epics
- 12 page booklet with lyrics and artwork
- Personal autograph and note/message (be sure to tell me who to write it for)

Track listing:
01. Lonely Starlight (Watch the music video here)
02. Solace Distant (Watch the music video here)
03. Meltdown
04. The Star Song (Watch the music video here)
05. 4 am
06. The Wayfarer (Listen to old and short version)
07. Crashing of Planets
08. This Falling World
09. Beside Me (Listen to an old version)
10. Vampire Bride (Listen to an old version)
11. Euphoria
12. Stardust
13. Time Will Tell

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The price is €19 EUR, plus the shipping cost of €3 for Europeans and €5 for non-Europeans. (Can also be picked up in Gävle for 150 kronor.)

If you have any questions, feel free to show up in the chat room and ask me personally! :) (Oh, and an important thing: Include who you want me to sign the CD for when ordering! Otherwise I’ll just write my signature.)