Hailing from Gävle, Sweden, FreddeGredde is a solo project by Fredrik Larsson. He initially rose to prominence in the early days of viral video revolution where his great musicianship gained attention on YouTube and generated millions of views on videos like Wind Waker Unplugged and 32 songs in 8 minutes. His YouTube channel quickly became the number one subscribed channel in Sweden, but he was far from a one-trick pony and kept trying new things instead of repeating the successful formula.
In his first original songs, “Beside Me” and “The Wayfarer“, he showed clear tendencies towards an eclectic approach to songwriting and featured rapid shifts from emotionally charged ballads to heavy rock escapades.

It took almost two years to execute his lifelong dream of recording and releasing his debut album, titled “Thirteen Eight“, intended to fuse the worlds of prog/art rock and pop music.
The album was released in 2011 and wasn’t a great success, but sold decently considering the lack of marketing.

Having gotten increasingly tired of making music, he spent a year studying subjects unrelated to music, but found new inspiration in early 2013 and started making a second album. It will be released in summer 2014, along with a new set of long awaited medleys.

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(By the way, for those streaming on twitch, making videos on youtube, and so on, you have my permission to use my music in your stuff, as long as you’ve paid for it, and you credit me!)