These are some of the drawings I’ve made to people who have chosen the “Extra” package when buying my CD. Unfortunately I can’t give you this option anymore, because I don’t have time to make drawings! Maybe again sometime in the future or in special cases.


  • isabell said:

    Nice drawings! I like it that you’ve finally put them all out in one place! Keep up the good work ;)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Haha, thanks isabell! I just wish I had taken photos of all the drawings I’ve made.. These are just some of the more recent ones.

  • Jon Fisher said:

    I LOVE the Toon Link drawing. Sooo funny! X-D

  • Simonova said:

    Everyone seems to really like the Link drawing, Fredde! I feel lucky that I have it :D

  • Nicholas O'Connell said:

    Wow, as soon as i have the funds, I will be totally buying the Albumn with Extra Awesome haha. Is there anything you arent good at? :)

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Nicholas: Yes, dancing.

    Thanks! :D

  • Nicholas said:

    Im sure you could haha, just youtube some tutorials
    i cant dance either but thats how i choreographed this

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    Well, I’m of the opinion that everyone can learn everything, so… :P But I haven’t learned how to dance! I don’t think I’m interested in it either.

  • Jeff Rosner said:

    Very nice drawings, i especially like the Link one. Good luck with everything that you do! XD

  • yuski said:

    beautiful work, guy. I’ll listen to your music cause you got both talent and special humor. I like the way you sing. You should try singing “sad” songs too, I mean songs with passion and love that is gone, or so. I think Freddy Mercury is(was) one of the best singers ever, and the video of Killer Queen is a real great tribute.
    Thank you. Eskerrik asko!
    (And sorry for my english, this year I’ve challenged myself that I’ll rescue it from dust and pass B1 :P)

  • Clancy Kersten said:

    You’re work is amazing. I just spent some time listening to you on youtube and you’re so talented; At everything.

    I’m an aspiring musician and a great artist myself, so I can relate. (:

  • Teodor said:

    Whow, you play music and you draw this good, man i’m so jelly T^T Keep up the good work! “Thumbs up!”

  • Willy said:


    you are pure talent! I’m for sure buying a CD with this extreme extra awesome you’ve offered! When you’re world famous I’ll tell people, I have an “original Fredde” and a CD from when he was pure talent working towards pure talent and fame on the side! The world is so saturated in artists, it’s hard to pick out the real deal. You sir are the exception, amazing talent, when you reach the pros (though I think you are already) you’ll truly deserve some extra awesome for yourself for all your exceptionally hard work!:)


  • Nina said:

    I like the girl with the hat..:-)

  • freddy said:

    hello, what guitar do you play???

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    freddy: Check out the FAQ section! :)

  • isabell said:

    So, how about some more of those drawings, eh?

  • FreddeGredde (author) said:

    isabell: Sorry, I no longer give that option to people.. Maybe again in the future!

  • isabell said:

    Oh no, otur!

  • Katelynn said:

    Gotta say I love all of your work, Mr. Larsson! You’re just a one man talent machine! I’d like to see you cover Michael Jackson songs as well, I know you did Billie Jean, but that’d be a cool medley! You’re simply brilliant, sir!

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