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People have been asking for ways to download MP3’s of my Wind Waker Unplugged and Mega Man 9 Rock Medley, so I added an album in my shop now, consisting of video games songs I’ve recorded in the past!

It’s free to download, in exchange for a Facebook like. :)

The songs:
1. Wind Waker Unplugged
The song I’m sure you’ve all heard already.
2. Mega Man 9 Rock Medley
You’ve probably heard this one too. Probably still my personal favorite of the videos I’ve made so far! Along with Lonely Starlight and The Star Song.
3. Super Smash Bros A Cappella
A quite silly recording, made by me and a friend named Caroline. Everything was recorded with our voices (and clapping) around 2006 or so. But it’s a fun song, I think!
4. Phoenix Wright Medley
This is only the first two minutes of a medley that was planned to be six minutes, but I still think it’s worth listening to! That game has such great music..
5. Piano Kirby
A soft version of the most popular Kirby theme. I had planned to make an animated video for it, with Kirby, Jigglypuff, Mario and the rest of the gang fighting in the rain, and Jigglypuff falling to her death. Kirby, being in love with her, starts crying and stuff. :( So sad.
6. Mega Man Bowser
The opening for a Nintendo medley that I never finished. Consisting of some Mega Man song, followed by what I think is the boss level from Mario64.
7. Video Game Songs With Lyrics
You’ve heard this one already.
8. Jazz of Storms
Just some old improv of the Song of Storms theme from Zelda. Not great by any means, but some parts are quite groovy, I think!
9. Solstice
One of my favorite recordings! I made it way back in 2007, and it was so much better sounding than anything I had produced before that. The song is the opening song from the NES game Solstice, which has really proggy music!

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Sorry that I’ve been updating so rarely this last month. But I’m a confused boy, so I don’t even know what to post. Someone (Lawrie!) said I should use my laptop as a hat and post it, so I’m doing that now.

Any other suggestions? Maybe you have questions you’d like me to answer? Maybe you want me to start up a new contest, with Christmas gifts as prizes? Maybe you want more silly pictures?

Anything, and I’ll try to make it a reality!

(Except for more videos, because I just finished that Gift project, and want a break now, before putting my teeth into the Christmas Medley.)

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So, you preferred to see a Video Game Medley! Well, I will make one next year some time, I just haven’t had time these days.

I will make a proper Christmas medley though! The question is… Do you want a laid-back one, with just me with the guitar on the couch, or do you want something full-scale (with lots of instruments)?
Vote in the poll now! :)


Oh, and during October 29-30, there will be free shipping on any orders in my merchandise shop! For this, you need to use coupon code WITCHINGHOUR when checking out.
Don’t miss out!
(If you want a customized motive, ask me in the chat room, and I’ll see what I can do!)

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Maybe I should tell you that I’ve been working on a little secret project, which is music content for an e-book by the bestselling author Andi Buchanan, called “Gift“!

It’s a young adult novel about a girl with some paranormal .. well, I shouldn’t try to describe it, but there are lots of things going for it! And it incorporates triggered events, like sound effects and visual effects, and also added content, like new songs “by one of the characters in the story”, but really by me! Music videos are also included!

It will be on sale in February 2012.

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A really sweet animated music video for the fourth track from Thirteen Eight.

This song has gone through lots of phases! First, it was in Swedish (called Rymdens Barn), and it was intended as an entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, but I never finished it in time. After that, I tried to find someone to help me with writing English lyrics for it, and I believe it was my friend Andi Buchanan who came up with the idea of doing something similar to the Super Mario Galaxy side-story. Maybe I’m ruining things now that I’m revealing that it’s indeed influenced by that, but meh!

Anyway, so I got some help from Andi, and also from Otto Olivera, and finally by the people in the FreddeGredde chat room! And I always felt that there should be an animated video for it, and I would have liked to do it myself, because I love animation, but I just didn’t have time for it. So I found this guy named Oscar Baldwin, and he did a great job with it!

Now, get my album! :D