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The first thing I had to do once I found my apartment here in the Philippines, was to build a small recording booth! I had never done anything like it before, but it was fun, and I like the results! (Except that it gets hot quickly, hehe, so I have to use the aircon inbetween the takes.)

Now I can shout whenever I want, and the recordings get nice and dry.
Time to start making that album!

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Alright, so after almost two years of radio silence, I guess it’s time to try updating this regularly again. Hello!

First I want to get the last two years out of the way: I’ve been traveling. I wanted to get away from everything, and try new things. This will be a long update with lots of pictures, and after this, I will tell you about the future. (You can hover your mouse above the pictures to see little comments, and click for full view.)

So, first I spent a few months in Israel, Italy, Malta and Morocco:

After that, a couple of months in Argentina and Uruguay:

Then a few months in Brazil:

Followed by a month or two in Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and Peru:

Then I continued my Latin America trip through Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and Costa Rica. Too many stories to tell, really. If you’ve got any questions, you’re free to send me a comment/message! :)

Then I went back to Europe, and had a shorter trip through Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia. Then I stayed a month in Spain, and ended with Denmark before I returned for a short visit back in Sweden.

Now I have rented an apartment in the Philippines, and I’ve started planning/working on some new videos and a new (more pop oriented) album, which I hope people will enjoy!

That’s it! Don’t believe the rumors; I’m still alive, and still planning to do more youtube stuff, one day!

See you.

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So, it’s been almost two months since the release of my second album, Brighter Skies. With no real marketing or collaborators, the start has been slow, except for the support from my lovely “fans”/friends who are seemingly always there for me. :) So thank you, again!

The reception seems to be positive though, especially from prog rock fans (it is a prog rock album after all), so I figured I’ll share reviews and comments here, both good and bad! Maybe it can help people decide if they should give the album a try or not!

And here are reviews:
9/10 review in DPRP by Nathan Waitman.
5/5 video review by Allen Thompson.
5/5 by Mxyzptlk at amazon.com.
4.5/5 by UnsaltedCatfish at sputnikmusic.com.
3.5/5 (still a positive one!) by Matt Di Giordano at progulator.com.

Also, plenty of nice reviews and ratings at progarchives.com!

Have opinions to share? Send a comment with a link or your review, and any help with spreading the word would also be appreciated! :)

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15 classical pieces put together into an original fairytale story, performed on guitar and vocals!

I actually selected the songs and wrote the story in early 2012, but I wanted animations for it, and getting 15 animators to actually finish their parts took more than two years! Now it’s finally finished though, and it’s certainly my most ambitious video ever, so I hope you’ll enjoy!

The MP3 can be downloaded here, and TABS can be found here!

[20 May 2014 | 35 comments | ]

Hello people!

I have updated the CD shop, where you can BUY my new CD right now!
If you only want a digital download, you can find that here or at bandcamp.

It’s a progressive rock album called Brighter Skies, and I’d describe it as quite experimental but still melodic and pleasant-sounding, and I’m very happy with how it has turned out!
Here’s a new interview if you want to know more about myself and the album.

I’ve decided to offer both a standard jewel case edition, as well as a signed digipak edition:

The jewel case is cheaper to press, and will be shipped from either USA or the Netherlands, depending on what region you want it delivered to. Not signed. This is the cheaper option.

The digipak will be pressed in a more limited number, and I will ship them out myself after having signed them. I will also include a signed photo, and to the 50 first pre-orderers, a personal drawing! (Tell me what you’d like me to draw along with the order.)

Those who have pre-ordered will also get the digital download for free on the release date, July 14, 2014.

Oh, and I’ve put together a little sample MP3 that you can have a listen to, although it’s difficult/impossible to pick out bits that summarize the entire album:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.