[28 Mar 2012 | 26 comments | ]

An piano ballad with lots of vocal harmonies, made exclusively for Andi Buchanan’s “Gift”.

This is a song that I actually didn’t compose myself. Andi came up with it on her piano a long time ago, and I used it to make my own thing of it, adding harmonies and stuff.
I’m posting the video here because Gift is released now (with pretty good reviews, might I add!), and the music can be purchased along with the rest of the book’s soundtrack on Amazon and soon on iTunes as well.

The e-book itself is also available on iTunes, and although it works best on an iPad or iPhone, you can also use a free program called Calibre to read it on your computer.

[26 Mar 2012 | 6 comments | ]

So here’s an article/review of the digital book “Gift”, which is featuring several songs and videos by me. This article is even including two of the songs, so go and have a listen! (They’ve also written some pretty nice things about me, hehe.)

And hey, I’m finally on Spotify! Only took them a little more than half a year to upload the two singles I sent to them early last summer, Solace Distant and Killer Queen. So it would be nice if everyone listened to them as much as possible there, and we’ll see if it’s actually possible to make any money on Spotify!

Last link I have to offer is the one to my Twitter. There were some problems with the “freddegredde” account, so it’s “freddegreddet” for now (the same name as my “secret youtube channel“.)
Now, I really don’t have any experience with twitter, so I’ve no idea what to write there! Any suggestions are therefore welcome. :)

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Sure, I could use whatever things I have at home to record drums for my new Video Game Rock Medley. But since it’s rock/metal, it would be much better with real drums!

So, I’m looking for a great drummer who can play a quite demanding 9 minute song. Equipment to record video and high quality audio (at least 8 channels) is necessary!
If you’re that person, then please contact me and include a video of your playing. :)


Update: Thanks to those who offered their services, but I’ve decided for a drummer now. I’ll reveal who later!

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Lately, I’ve mostly been playing on my Nintendo 3DS, but there was also a company that hired me to make an original song for them! It was supposed to be light-hearted and whimsical, and tell a story that included “futuristic technology” in some way.

I think it turned out well, even though it’s not something I usually make! I’m thinking about making a music video for it, but they’re gonna make one themselves, so I’m gonna wait and see what they come up with!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

It was actually fun to make a song on command like this, so if anyone wants to hire me to make another one, contact me! :)

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Did I tell you that I made some audio and music videos for an interactive e-book called Gift by Andi Buchanan?

Well, it’s being released on March 27, and is about a girl with a kind of power, and uh, I really shouldn’t try to explain the plot, but I’ve read it and it’s pretty good! :)

Here’s a trailer for it (and I’m in it, woo!):

Also, I have to say that I thought this was quite cool (read on an iPad):

So, look forward to this, or something! :)