[12 Feb 2012 | 35 comments | ]

A medley consisting of 21 romantic songs, created with Valentine’s Day in mind!

I had not planned to do this one at first, but it’s simple enough to make in-between projects (no clones and stuff), and I figured that people might want some ideas on what to play for their valentines on February 14. ;)

Also, I’ve made tabs this time, so click here to find lyrics, song order and how to play it on guitar or any other instrument!

[10 Feb 2012 | 6 comments | ]

I found these poll results lying around, and I never posted them on the website, so here they are!

Basically, most are kind of surprisingly from Europe! Surprising because most of my views on YouTube comes from USA, but I guess they don’t bother to visit my website. And I guess I can’t blame them. :P

Anyway, I’m working on a few different projects at the moment, and I’ll post a little Valentine’s Medley tomorrow! It’s cheesy, but meh, cheese can be good sometimes!

Thanks for your support! :)

(Oh, and I really would like to change the current poll, but I’ve no idea what to ask you guys! Any suggestions?)

[14 Jan 2012 | 9 comments | ]

It’s finally the ultimate doomsday year; 2012! But I hope that the new year has been good for you all so far! I’m wearing a new hat.

So, I guess the plan for 2012 is to finish my Ultimate Video Game Medley (35 songs on the list so far!), that has been collecting dust for a few years now. The Disney Medley should also be made this year. And I’m gonna work on a new album.

I’m also open for interviews and stuff, so if you wanna ask me things for your blog or whatever, feel free to contact me! Here’s a weird one I did recently, so if you want to me to link to yours, it has to be at least as good as this one!

See ya!

[28 Dec 2011 | 9 comments | ]

These are now the five designs available in my shop! (The European Shop for Europeans, and the American Shop for the rest.)
You can choose between lots of colors for each design, and there are also other types of products to buy!

And remember that it’s free shipping until January 2. :)

Here are the results for the design contest!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take Moritz‘s votes seriously, because 56 of his 86 votes were from the same internet host, so even though it’s possible that he didn’t cheat, all the other entries had votes spread out evenly from all over the world.
Also, only one person except for himself voted on it in the comment box to the voting post. Finally, we decided that hand-drawn designs didn’t work too well on T-shirts. So there you go!

Thanks for all the people contribution though, and congratulations to Isabell and Urszula! :) I’ll contact you via email so that you can choose prizes.

[26 Dec 2011 | 26 comments | ]

You can now vote on up to 3 of these designs, in the poll to the right. The poll will be closed in 48 hours, so make sure to vote before then! :)
The best designs will be available in the shop, and the shipping will be free for everyone until January 2.

(I’ve also included my old designs, just to see if they should be kept or not.)

1. Camilla’s FreddeGredde Star                                    2. Isabell’s Jumping Fredde









3. Patty’s Jumping Fredde                                                    4. Millie’s Drawing









5. Urszula’s Nintendo FreddeGredde                                                  6. MissDomino’s Little Star









7. Moritz’s Drawing                                                        8. FreddeGredde Couch



9. Plain FG Logo                                           10. Thirteen Eight Artwork









Oh, and it is possible to cheat, but the purpose is to see which one is the most popular without cheating, so don’t, okay? ^^