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A little Christmas medley performed on guitar, tambourine and accordion.

This is the first video I made with my new video camera! Other than that, I guess it’s fairly standard medley. But happy holidays everyone!

Some info about the song choices:
0:01 – White Christmas
Probably the most classic Christmas song, so I just had to include it.
0:33 – The Christmas Song
I like the transition into this one! And it has some nice chords.
0:58 – What’s This?
Really cool song, and quite unexpected I assume.
1:12 – Freezeezy Peak (Banjo-Kazooie)
I wasn’t sure if this would fit, but a friend said I really had to include something video game related, for the gamers out there! Banjo-Kazooie is one of my favorite games though, and this melody is quite catchy!
1:23 – Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
Also a classic.
1:56 – Fairy Tale of New York
I don’t know how popular this one is outside of Sweden, but this was my favorite even as a kid. :)
2:20 – O Holy Night
I honestly think that this one is quite boring and over-used, but I tried to make something new with it.
2:44 – Sleigh Ride
Fun song.
3:00 – Last Christmas
I hate this song, hehe, but someone in the chat room convinced me that it was needed! Something about a love-hate relationship.
3:18 – Julen är här
One of the best Swedish Christmas songs. Hmm.. The second best, but I forgot the best one when I was making the medley!
3:40 – We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Also a classic.
3:50 – Jingle Bells
I wanted some kind of ending, and I like this chord progression for the melody.

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Argh, I always underestimate how hard it is to make these videos.. Hmm.. I’ll try to finish it tonight or tomorrow, because it would be slightly sad if I didn’t make a Christmas video this year either!

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Since it’s almost Christmas, and there will be free delivery from the Merchandise shop during Dec 27 – Jan 2, I figured we should have a new contest!

So, you now have a week to make a nice FreddeGredde related design, that could be on T-shirts, mugs, umbrellas or whatever, and send in to me. During Dec 26 – 27 people will be able to vote on the ten best designs, and the winner gets a free T-shirt or CD! Just send in your design before the 26th!
Also, the best designs will be available for purchase in the shop (and you’ll get 25% of the money made on your design).

Hmm.. I guess that’s all! So go go!
(Also, you FreddeGredde regulars will hopefully get some more opponents around Wednesday next week, because that’s when I’m posting my Christmas Medley! And a tip: You can use any image from my gallery.)

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Enock Boheme asked: Do you use glasses? In the Cartoon Medley, one of the “you” on the background uses, so that’s why I’m asking!
If you really use, I wanna see a photo, may I? *—*

And well, I do have bad eye-sight, but I got that pair of glasses at least 8 years ago now. I just don’t like glasses (or contact lenses), so I prefer walking around half blind instead!
But for some reason, I took these pics a year ago or so:

Another question, from Martingredde: Will you make a guitar tutorial someday? I would like to learn how to make chords in the way you do and guitar techniques.

Yes, I will! Hmm.. Next year! But I have planned a little on how to do it. :)

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The results for this poll are quite even. But most seem to prefer when there are lots of instruments going on at the same time. We will see what I’ll do, because it depends on whether it fits and stuff. So, some parts might be just me and the guitar, and then it builds into something with lots of instruments!

As for the new poll, I’m simply curious about where you’re all from. :) Are there mostly Europeans (or even Scandinavians?), or maybe North Americans? Maybe I have hundreds of African fans?!
It remains to be seen!